Jan 03, 2022

David Vance

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The latest opinion poll shows a collapse in Conservative support in these Red Wall constituencies which if sustained will mean 100 unemployed Tory MPs!

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  • brexit was all about immigration. tories have shown they do not want to prevent immigration of all kinds into our country.

  • I love the Mother Country and I love his accent, but I can hardly understand it. I would look at English crime dramas and had a hard time understanding half of what I heard. I was hoping this podcast would be talking about the American Red Wall. I'm too depressed about America to listen to this limy.

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  • As a Thacherirte Conservative, in a marginal seat of Crewe and Nantwich, I will NEVER vote for the Conservatives again. Regarding the Labour Party, I hope and think that Labour has not got away with its total lack of effective opposition. It's a case of a pox on both their houses. Then there is North Shropshire, a safe seat for 134yrs I think the conservative could suffer the same fate as the Liberal Party after the First World War.

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