Jan 04, 2022

David Vance

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We said this would happen and it is! The Irish Republic prepares to inject 5-11 year olds with the Clot Shot. To keep them safe......

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  • Not surprised. They decided to sacrifice the innocent unborn to Satan in 2018. Then they decided to specifically target unborn babies with Down's Syndrome.

  • Do Irish people protect their children? If yes then they will stop the vaccine massacer killing of children!

  • As heartbreaking as this news is from back home, it is no longer a surprise, as already having lost the older generation to what was described by these demons as being Covid (or something else) even before the clot shot, they are now coming after children - it’s no wonder my entire family in Rural Ireland have taken the boosters after “encouragement” visits (with menaces, implied threats and intimidation) from the Gardai and this includes 2 years old children - these Gardai even turned up with a vaccine team from the HSE to carry out these clot shots, even though the boosters were not even mandatory in Ireland as far as I was aware - within a climate of fear over Covid, there appears to be forced vaccinations going on in Rural Ireland, where people there feel under more threat than ever - and clearly these demons are not even waiting for Covid camps nor vaccine mandates to implement their policies of forced vaccines

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