Nov 22, 2021

David Vance

"Don’t start me talking, I could talk all night...”Co Founder Altnewsmedia.netAuthor....



Everything we witness is planned. Nothing is by accident. The Globalists have a plan and they are testing how, when and where they can best implement it!

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  • sadly - you speak the TRUTH . The jab (bioweapon) (multibillionaire pfizer moderna j n j enhancer) - will the people who rushed to the front of the line - now swallow there pride - eat a little crow - gobble up some humble pie - and use your critical thinking skills - and call for faucis arrest. letsgobrandon

  • I recommend that we go the other way ... THERE ARE NO 3RD WORLD WHITE COUNTRIES !!! We should develop a program, starting within our extended families, to help willing WHITE families have more healthy children/adults because we are the heart and soul of this country, but, we don't get free government stuff because we're the only group that is not a 'protected class', in addition WE WON'T NEED ANY IMMIGRANTS ... Women have to do a LOT more work to make healthy children, and Men have to do a LOT more work to make healthy adults, because children need two parents !!!

    America has been very successful as a Christian/WHITE country, in fact, I think that we are both the largest Christian country and the largest WHITE country, and we should continue ... I would be willing to have this conversation and articulate the advantages of America remaining a Christian country, in fact, ALL COUNTRIES SHOULD BE DOING THIS !!! In addition, I think that we should debate America remaining WHITE, too, e.g. a BIG SWITZERLAND instead of a LITTLE CHINA/AFRICA, and it would go something like this: "WHITE People are Tall, Strong, Smart, Honest, Hard-working, Good-looking, English-speaking Christians, assets to every country, building civilizations everywhere we go !!!" THERE ARE NO 3RD WORLD WHITE COUNTRIES ... WE HAVE GREAT CULTURE !!! In addition, there are 5 really successful countries in Africa (Seychelles, Mauritius, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Botswana), and, guess what, THEY'RE ALL CHRISTIAN ... PONDER THAT !!! @a @DrPaulGosar @LaurenBoebert @LaurenWitzkeDE @Mattgaetz @RandPaul @realdonaldtrump @RealMarjorieGreene @VDARE @wendyrogersaz

  • Weird how this is happening all around the world at the same time. It does seem like a coordinated effort, and it makes me wonder how many elections around the world were rigged. Trump and Netanyahu gone at the same time, replaced with communist psychopaths out of nowhere and for no reason.

  • Don't have a link to that poll, do you?

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