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Planning to starve the unjabbed to death?
Nov 25, 2021

David Vance

"Don’t start me talking, I could talk all night...”Co Founder Altnewsmedia.netAuthor....



A Senator in the Irish Parliament suggests that the unjabbed should be banned from being able to go into supermarkets and buy food.

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  • if people havent been stocking up on food for the past 2 years then I dont know what to say...erm, come over my place if you need a feed ever? i also grow my own food

  • Good luck with that, fuckers! A majority of the unjabbed are farmers and make the food that faggot cosmopolitan retards demand to take away from the #unvaxxed. They can keep their money, we'll keep our food. :)

  • Well let's face the harsh truth here. Let's talk about Discrimination!

    Irish Senator Gerry Horkan would NEVER be allowed to say the JEWS 'should be banned from being able to go into supermarkets and buy food' instead of 'Unjabbed,' now would he?

    Isn't it about time Discrimination Lawsuits were taken against this type of scum?

    On a much more positive note, Gerry Horkan will probably die sometime over the winter, or around five years at best. That's the penalty for taking the Death-Jab and joining the Suicide Club. This is not a threat but Science-based fact.

    I wonder how Jesus Christ will judge you Gerry?

  • very concerning.

  • If it's truly 'NO JAB NO CITIZENSHIP' there'd be NO politicians [something's not adding up here].

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