Jan 02, 2022

David Vance

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The Illinois Holocaust Museum demands that those who wanting to visit must show their Covid papers to access it!

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  • 10 old newspaper report Jewish holocaust decades before Hitler came to power. Seems Zionist Jews only travel around in groups of 6 million. You can't make this up. Must see.

  • holocaust was fake

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  • Line up for the Brainwash. Be hypnotized into always giving more to Israel, more to the Jews.

  • Well that is their prerogative. If they want to do that it's their business. You do NOT diss God's Chosen People for any reason. I won't take the vax ever. But I am still not so STUPID as to Diss God's People and get cursed.

  • The Holocaust is a huge lie. The Jews have genocided more than any other nation. Even the word holocaust is from the Jewish word of when they would holocaust children to their god moloch burning them alive.

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