The Mortuaries are filling up!
Nov 21, 2021

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10,000 Deaths above the level expected are filling up the UK Mortuaries. And its not Covid19 that is causing this. So, what is?

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  • The Irish are not supposed to be this dumb (THEY are killing you and this is an extinction event) They are so smart they put in a Placebo and not everyone will die at once. FUCK IRISH weasal dumb shit

  • EU death & adverse reactions as of November 2021 Over a million events on the adverse reaction reporting system

    Luke 12 kjv

    Yah’s Glory HalleluYAH

  • Does everyone have the same Genome and DNA ? Why would you take something that is deliberately altering your RNA to make toxic protein molecules ? Computerize Sequence RNA is Computerized, it's not natural and therefore extremely dangerous ! Just because you don't have a reaction to it now doesn't mean you're not going to suffer a painful death ! Yes, there are side effects called DEATH, but don't worry, it goes away with the help of decomposition.

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