Jan 02, 2022

David Vance

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Ever wonder why the double and triple jabbed never question why they wear Masks?

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  • Because the "Jabbed" are LIBERALS LIBERALS follow LIBERALISM LIBERALISM is the Retarded Cousin of LOGIC aka : LIB-TARDS I suppose in today's lingo "They are Fucking Liberal Retards" as the reason why they don't question the mask after being vaccinated all to hell + countless booster shots...

  • They were stupid enough to get the jew jab so there is no reason to think they would be smart enough to ask why they have no freedoms. The jab makes you stupid

  • It's quite simple. They first wore the Mask to virtue signal to others around them about how much they cared for others. Everything else, all the arguments about it 'working' or not working, and what it did or not do - was all to rationalize and support their Mask virtue signaling. . When Mask mandates came from government, then the rest of us and Perfectly Healthy People were forced to wear it too - for the ultimate indignity. . Now, several shots later they have returned back to virtue signaling with the Mask, but now I have to wear it too, or I don't get to eat or work. I hate the Mask with a passion, and everyone else who wears it too

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