A Network of (Foreign?) YouTube Channels Promoting Conspiracy Clickbaiters & Disinformation
Jan 11, 2022

I'm just here for the Awakening.



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  • interesting work, Sather!

  • All of those have some random animal running in the top left corner? What?

  • I is odd that these channels suddenly has political posts on them yes.

  • Why is it bad if those channels put together clips to make money off ad revenue like everyone else? The original content creators can report it to YouTube if they want to claim copyright protection, and then the channel would get a strike. Plus if you go to those channels, you can still meet and argue with other like-minded people in the comment section.

    Whatever source you go to nothing can be credibly believed, including the actual Q-board original drops. It's all just random information to pacify patriots while they roll out their depopulation agenda. Look at the current state of the world around you. Even when MAGA Americans have extremely credible information, like all the evidence of election fraud, they can't act on it or process that information, so can't people enjoy click-bait too?

  • Well; if divisiveness is their goal they have succeeded, but on this rock it's not hard. A great deal of what these people talk about IS what is going on or we would all be locked down in our homes and the military would be crawling all over us. No one and I mean NO ONE really knows exactly precisely what is going on 100%, but to continue to trash these people that no matter what you may think of them personally are still preaching our mantra -----> THEY WANT FREEDOM FOR THE MASSES JUST LIKE ALL OF US DO. Why is that so fucking hard to grasp? Our children being accounted for and freedom from the tyranny and abject failure of any political system. Personal Responsibility works every time it's tried. All you sheeple underneath joining in lockstep with ANYONE right now shows you are STILL SHEEPLE and not a damn one of you has the right to whine and complain about anything. DO OR DO NOT OR STFU.

    onward through the fRog

    • CosmicGuy OSTO TV on ROKU TV is FREE.
  • I was wondering who these people where it looked like bullshit right from the get go! Thanks jordan.

  • Weird. YouTube has sunk to a new low.

  • I left the room, had some toast and coffee, came back and he was still going on about B roll.

  • Charles Ward, O Savan and Mel K are doing it. They just like making pollution.

  • Do you think that they start off with a Bangladeshi dance video station and they’re not getting very many clicks so they start putting on all the conspiracy videos to get clicks and then they’ll go back to the Bangladeshi dance after that?

  • I remember searching truth videos and in the results sticking out like a sore thumb, a pair of tits behinds a wet t-shirt, clearly designed to lure viewers away from their origiginal search. Youtube will stop at nothing, every dirty trick they can think of, they will use.

  • Youtube has been a spook video outlet for some time now, even before they booteth a lot of truthers off. It's really creepy now.

    When we all left the mainstream media back in '07, they followed us soon after, with chit like The Young Turds, etc... But now they almost have as many commercials as TV! Youtube is Joutube, so you know it sucks.


  • What is it with Cirsten W.? Is she dead or not? She's a part of that 'team'. Will she come back with JFK Jr.?

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