America's Frontline Doctors Drop A YUGE Lawsuit
Jul 21, 2021

I'm just here for the Awakening.


Link to read the lawsuit:

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  • 3:00-3:23 video cuts out for me. Is that just editing?

  • AFLD are AWESOME. There are still real Doctors who are willing to tell real information so EACH OF US can make informed choices for ourselves. I've contributed to them and I hope everyone else will too!

  • This dark background makes it important to even read your own comments! Please fix this!

  • The IDIOTS don't even know what VAERS is and think cases there are CAUSED by vaccine rather than AFTER vaccine. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You are using the wrong terms! "Dropping" a Law Suit means they DROPPED their attempt to sue! What you mean is " they BROUGHT a Law Suit"! It's too bad your terminology seems a bit like "Click Bait"!

  • Jordan, I think you used the wrong word. Drop implies a lawsuit was withdrwan. You mean AFLDS Filled a lawsuit, no?

  • @Jordan Sather: If you do NOTHING ELSE in your entire career of public info presentations, I believe you deserve hearty public THANKS & CONGRATULATIONS, a Journalism award and a Life-Saving award for PRESENTING this public-interest LAWSUIT to interested & concerned people. I'm reading it today in Europe - and have forwarded the link to some med. & research professionals in Canada & Australia. (Those two benighted & NWO-captured 'former' British Colonies need all the help & support they can get.) Time AGAIN to put PATIENTS LIVES FIRST.

  • This law suit is the most thorough, detailed & professionally organized presentation of FACTS on this topic that I have seen to date. [Devastating!]

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