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MSM Laying The Groundwork For A False Flag To Blame On A "Domestic Extremist"
Sep 13, 2021

Jordan Sather

I'm just here for the Awakening.



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  • Do people actually listen to this douche? Made his dollars stealing from Qers. Still pushes the lie to keep his pockets heavy. Jordan you are a schill. Piss off!

  • Great food for thought. I bet they're itching to target telegram.

    Thanks Jordan.

  • They will do that anyway. We have to grow a pair and not care. Imagine our troops during ww2 being stymied because the Nazis might think they're terrorists. Who cares? Worrying about what a tyrant will think is a fools errand

  • All the people who cheered the Patriot Act had no idea it was written to be used on Americans.

  • It is a known fact that BUSH is and was in the oil business with the Bin Laudin Family primarily Osama's Brother so when will or ever learn about the 2 or 3 corp. frauds they chose as candidates for elected office and I would say we need another Party to bring forth private business owners who lost their business to be their candidates to replace everyone in both parties

  • "Stay far away". Yup, dont take a stand and let politucal prisoners rot. Deep state wins either way.

  • That 18 Sep event glows so bright you can read a newspaper from 100 miles away.

    Stay far, FAR away from that glowie shit.

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