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Real Raw News: The TRUTH Behind This Clickbait Blog
Oct 20, 2021

Jordan Sather

I'm just here for the Awakening.



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  • Another bad one is "veterans today", which is less obvious but just as misleading.

  • Down voted for tricking me into listening to an idiot read an MSM "fact-checker" article and calling it "truther research." Some real, reliably sourced information would have been useful since RRN has gotten a lot of traction. It is so very hard these days to tell who is trolling whom. Maybe it is just a matter of perspective and in actuality everyone is just trolling everyone else.

    I always use my own discernment no matter the source and I never let anyone tell me who I should or should not listen to. Personally, I have never been able to stomach much of Sather and I do find RRN to be quite intriguing. In fact, I will not be looking for more content from Sather but I will take a look at Thanks.

  • You just spiked the traffic at Twisted Truth... Thanks for the link I'll just enjoy me some vintage Michael Baxter.

  • As clickbait goes RRN is the best. It's the Weekly World News as opposed to the National Inquirer. Remember the scene from the movie Men In Black when Tommy Lee Jones picked up a copy of 'The Weekly World News' at the news stand and told Will Smith thats where all the truth was hidden - in the sensationalism. SO, in that regard RRN works for people like me probably because we were no stranger to the gossip mag at the check stand. Remember when it came out in Pro Wrestling that it was 'strictly entertainment'... exactly. "Bane of our existence," hardly. Really, RRN is at the very least foretelling the future. "Hindering our Progress"... drip drip drip.

  • Tabloids are often more true then first believed. I dont believe it hinders "progress", even if fake.

  • I agree these websites are crap , but this kid does his part to "continue the divide" He's become so bitter and spiteful.

  • rotter news is saying the same thing as real raw news

  • He's no different from those who organized and implemented voter fraud: Michael Tuffin believes HE knows best and grants to himself the right to lie to the public to undermine legitimate stories, say, about hundreds of millions in CTCL grants used to interfere in the Presidential election. Not satisfied with democracy or free and fair elections, he resorts to mass propaganda. He is in good company with Facebook and many other so-called "legitimate" media sources in actually attempting to misinform the American public. Nice job, Jason Slater, in exposing Mr. Tuffin and his manic disinformation campaign and severe TDS.

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