TIKTOKers At The White House Promoting Vaccines - WTF Did I Just Watch?!
Aug 11, 2021

I'm just here for the Awakening.


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  • "What did I just see?" - Pure faggotry.

  • Freak show!

  • Yuck!!🤮🤮🤮 I just got out of my teens and there ain’t NO WAY I’m going to be like oh, I’m taking that shot because that weirdo is running around the white house in a skirt and long nails. If they thought making that video would help get the younger people to take the covid-jab they are some messed up people.

  • And now FRAUD ACB stonewalls needed SCOTUS hearing about #Vaccines, #VaccineMandates, #VaccinePassports....

    #ACB again demonstrates she is NOT A #CONSTITUTIONALIST ....

    Libtards still PRETEND a #Conservative #Constitutionalist #SCOTUS

    #PRIVACY matters when KILLING A BABY But NO #PRIVACY between you and your #Doctor when it comes to #Vaccines (which is not really a Vax, doesn't make you #IMMUNE to a damn thing)!


  • Disgusting FAGGOT in the WH. Well, besides Obama. Vomit indeed!

  • Enough! Time to start the resistance #wewillnotcomply

  • What a disgusting faggot.

  • MUST SEE!! Dr. Dan Stock, schools School Board , on covid vaccine! Here is the Truth!!

  • My daughter saw the story on OAN. She uses Tiktok. Never heard or seen the guy.

  • You shouldn't use the Lord's name in vain so much though...

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