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Update To Earth's Magnetic Pole Shift (+ Popular Mechanics Tries to Debunk)
Jun 15, 2022

Jordan Sather

I'm just here for the Awakening.



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  • The attraction of N and S poles between two magnets makes this speeding up seem quite plausible. As they get more near each other vs. on opposite sides of the Earth (opposing each other like a magnet), it would stand that they would begin to move faster towards each other by attraction. It'll be interesting as this speeds up because the magnetic field from them being opposite each other is what protects us from cosmic radiation. Yes I agree the Global Whining being fear porn'd into people could certainly be more affected from this shift in the poles vs. cow farts and everything else being blamed. Great overview. Thanks for sharing.

  • Santa is getting really pissed because he has to keep moving every year.

  • Geological record confirms multiple pole shifts in the past. As molten lava and the surrounding bedrock cool, certain metals will have an alignment based on the orientation of the poles at the time the process happens. You can then find older core samples and compare the alignments of the internal metals.

    It is hypothesized that at the time of the pole shift, there is also a corresponding equatorial shift. The spin of the earth will align in slightly new rotation shifted from the current equator. New equator will be 15-20 degrees shifted. The earth is not a perfect sphere, and the equator has a slightly larger circumference than the lines of longitude. This is because the spin of the earth exerts a centrifugal force that bulges the equator slightly. When the equator shifts this bulge will realign and it can cause big changes. Sea floors can rise to mountains, mountains can become sea floors depending on the change. As water finds its new level among the new terrain it can cause things like great floods.

    Centrifugal force at the equator isn't a force directed outward, its the momentum of spin not wanting to change direction to follow the circular spin. So earth crust/matter closer to the axis being spun around has lower velocity and has easier time following circular path. It gives the appearance that the force is directed outward, when really its tangential, but the overall bulging effect is the same.

    Basically if you get a new equator, that new equatorial line will want to become the new 40 km longer circumference so terrain will want to change. A 40 km difference in circumference shouldn't cause that huge of a vertical change, so it wouldn't be as extreme as seafloors becoming mountains or mountains becoming sea floors, but even if the net effect is only some land wanting to rise by 1 meter and some land wanting to drop by 1 meter, life would notice. You can compare a new circumference of C=pi x D, to anticipate the new vertical distance D that the diameter will want to have. But the reason it scares people is because there is evidence of seashell fossils found in mountain ranges, and historic record across multiple continents of previous great floods. Plate tectonics would account for some of this, but equatorial shift would also be an explanation for some of the more extreme or instantaneous cases that can't be explained with the longer drawn out plate theory process.

    I don't think humans have to worry about it. Humans are doing a very good job at destroying themselves and forcing suffering and misery on one another as it is. If equatorial shift or some magnetic pole shift wipes us out, I'm sure it will be a welcomed liberation from our torment. Ask a Jan 6th political prisoner who has been held without trial for over a year in horrible conditions. I'm sure they are begging for equatorial shift to break their prison down.

    Edit: The difference in diameter at the equator is around 40km. Diameter through the poles is around 40km shorter. Thats the diameter difference, not the circumference difference. So that might be why there really is huge seafloor and mountain range movements when equatorial shift happens.

    Edit: There is also a flash frozen rain forest under Antarctica, so it's possible new magnetic poles pulling on the earths rotation can create new equator and new North/South poles.

  • Look for "suspicious observer". It's not listed under "pole shift"

  • I will be dead by then, good luck to you.

  • I prefer Mavstar's channel, even though Ben disagrees with him. He has the 40-degree theory, wherein he believes that the poles will shift/reverse and set in a new location. According to Gene from Mavstar Observatory, we have about 9 more months to find out if his theory is right. I guess only time will tell which theory is correct.

  • Hard ti believe it. Anyway, lets Science have a say.

  • Like poles repel, opposite poles attract. Wondering how the dumbocracks will try and blame mankind for it?

  • Correction, Opposites attract. However, never in the known geological history have the two poles ever come together. That would require the two magnetic "Blobs," for lack of a better word, to move to the same location under our crust. The wobble, of the earth, and the pull of the Sun's and Moon's gravitational pulls make that a near impossibility. Both the centripetal and centrifugal forces at the equator force these "Blobs" apart, and back towards the physical poles. However, our tilt and wobble, prevent them from actually residing at the physical poles for very long.

    As for North and South magnetic "Flips," geologists are 100% aware that this has happened 7 (Seven) times within our observable history, by measuring the magnetic alignment of rock at deeper depths. Rocks actually retain their magnetic alignment over millions of years. So Yes, a complete pole reversal is a real possibility. It doesn't always occur, but has.

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