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New Friends
Nov 19, 2022

Diane Lalomia

I am the wretch the song is about. Amazing Grace, isn't it? All videos and photographs...



Yesterday when my husband came home my dog Sadie was making unusual sounds. I went out to see what she was alerting me to. The kitties, Smudge and Patches, made a new friend and enjoyed their first real snowfall. I am thankful for all the blessings I am greeted with every day and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! If you enjoy this video, please subscribe and/or share with friends. Thanks for watching!

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  • HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Thanks for sharing the beautiful blessings from God! His mercies are new every morning. The music is so nice and peaceful too and compliments the beautiful scenery. I always feel sorry for the young deer when their mothers leave them at breeding season. I see them wandering around where we live too. Sometimes they will form their own little herd and I feel better for them then. Once there was a mother deer leading them, there were about 7 young ones. It was quite a sight! Thanks so much for sharing! God Bless & keep you and yours.

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