Oct 09, 2021

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I do a reading of a recent post by Withered Rose from the Scattered Rose Substack:

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  • Man's ways are not God's way, neither are God's way man's ways!

    The assumption by this author is that you somehow have a right to possessions -- you don't! Nature often justifies that.

    So since 'The Left' (like Biden) are also 'Heritage Americans' with ancestry from the same, what we have here is 'Heritage America' using 'Heritage America' to reign in a socialistic form of governance. GD that is funnyyy stuff!

    The problem with this author is religious brainwashing. To think that some how you're special, because you're of a specific culture or race is ludicrous. To think that Jesus himself hates other races is equally absurd. If that were the case, Jesus would had told the Samaritan woman at the well, "You are doomed race of people!" He didn't say that!

    This long talk pretentious bs from this author reminds me of what Jesus was saying about the Pharisees giving long speeches, preying on your emotions (and guilt), to make you believe in man's rituals, and not God's ways!

    The youth are most susceptible as they are always looking for some 'Human Being' to look up too, instead of GOD!

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