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Interview with Joe Prich of Just Joe Radio!
Feb 24, 2022

Radix Verum ☦

Host of Digging Deeper on Patriots' Soapbox. Mother. Writer. Lover of Books. Vintage...



I interview Mr. Joe Prich of JJR!

You can find more information about JJR at:

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  • @11 minutes into video things get interesting. Joe recounts his days from 12k followers on twitter, to then having to start over. "CernOvich", how weird, never heard of him. I think Joes' got some good stories from being BLM to MAGA. Then losing someine to the Groyper movement, interesting timeline.

  • Joe says, "Not nearly enough venues and outlets for people like us". I say there are venues, they just get hijacked by 'Goo & Rump' lovers. He also says, 'There are alot of hyper based intelligent women". No there are not. Only two minutes in and my incel ego is already kicking in. Like Radix, but not the platform so much. There are many who enjoy the live stream bonding experience. That's not me, I'm fine watching a video two weeks later.

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