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Interview with R. Lyn: Losing Your Job Over the Vax & The Gab Community
Oct 09, 2021

Radix Verum ☦

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Today I am joined by Ms. R.Lyn from Gab. She is well known amongst our community and recently lost her job because they rejected her religious exemption. They strung her along making her jump through hoops to get the exemption then they just rejected it. She worked at the company for 20 something years. We talk about the importance of community, faith and Gab.

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  • Go Fund Her please reach out


  • Covid will never go away because new variants are created from the vaccinated and will always be created over and over. We need a separate non-vaccinated society who will eventually develop complete immunity.

  • Great hearing both of our #niceladies professing our faith in Christ Jesus. Remember, Our Father has said, no weapon forged against us shall prosper!

  • Hard Truth: You all knew it! You saw this behavior happen to others I'm sure, yet since it didn't affect you directly, you looked the other way! Hellooo? That's what I been telling everybody for years! You don't hear, you don't listen., you look the other way! Ass backward! Look within yourself. Do you love freedom, yet oppress others? Do you want to be heard, yet ignore others? Christianity has been Hypocrisy, not a few, most ALL of you have! You guys need to wake up and look within, see your own faults, and correct them! I believe JESUS was inferring that! Hellooo?

  • So horrible. I may be facing it myself soon.

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