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Kino Casino: Nick Fuentes Stabs Torba and Gab in the Back
May 07, 2022

Radix Verum ☦

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From Kino Casino with Jaden McNeil and Simon.

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  • Don't you find it hilarious that Torba wants gab everything. Who here thinks he would require acceptance of his healing savior sooner or later? Know who run in here and support him the people that think jesus is and excuse to sin and do evil same as he does. EACH and every one of you that thinks wait while they vaccinate is a good excuse, all who say it's not mandated makes it somehow totally safe, all those who make excuses to allow it 's continued use.

  • What a bunch of children. Idiots.

  • good riddance to him

  • Why would any White person ever follow or even start to look up to this fucking brown skinned fucking beaner faggot?

  • I couldn't abide Fuentes anyway, so conceited---not sure what Torba found so fascinating about him...all u saw was FUENTES said this/that and it wsa on the "News" feed all the time!!

    He was like a GAB Pet Project for sure, a project...that bit him back.

  • You weak, stupid fuckers are never going to make it. 😂

  • I would be embarrassed to be seen in public with any of these faggots, bottom right is rather semitic looking.

  • Soy party. Look at that fat one that can't stop fidgeting. It's not a nerd fest. It's estrogen overload.

  • Torba made a mistake helping that clownlet.

  • The STENCH OF NERD is making me HURL. Disingenuous little cry bitches. Mega levels of envy and hatred of Nick from these incels. Bunch of real backstabbers in their little knitting circle talking gossip about people not there to respond, real feminine behavior.

  • Despite my distrust of Nick, Nick isn't wrong about Gab. On one side, it's compromised by degenerates. On the other, it's saturated with an endless supply of All-You-Can-Eat virtue signaling. Torba embraced Putin (Russian communism) and allowed RT (Russian Television) propaganda to permeate Gab. Simultaneously, he writes as if he represents some form of Christian ideological lifestyle, meanwhile convinced in a 'heaven-on-earth' fiction, which is scripturally baseless. This fallout between the two was inevitable as both Torba and Fuentes are on ideologically corrupted.

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