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Young Women Are Sort of Toxic....
Feb 10, 2022

Radix Verum ☦

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I can see why young men are not committing to women anymore, and why they are "going their own way". Women are insane and social media has just made this so much worse. These young women don't know what it is they actually want. Young men, I have some advice about what women actually want versus what they think they want that maybe will help you navigate the landmines.

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  • WOMEN...

    A department store opened in New York City that sold men and a woman decides to visit it in search of a husband. At the store’s entrance, there’s a sign outlining the department store policy. The first rule states that you can only enter the store once. There are six floors and on each floor you can choose a husband or elect to move on to the next floor. You cannot visit a floor more than once other than to leave the building. The woman visits the first floor. The sign reads: · Men with jobs. She moves on to the second floor: · Men with jobs that adore children. She moves on the the third floor where the sign reads: · Wealthy men that adore children and are very handsome. She thinks to herself, "that's a very good deal" yet moves on to the fourth floor: · Wealthy men that adore children, are very handsome and help with the household chores. She decides to move on as things are constantly improving: · Wealthy men that adore childern, are very handsome, help with the household chores and are very romantic. The woman is about to make her purchase but can't resist moving on to the sixth floor. There the sign reads: · You are visitor number 31,456,012 on this floor. · There are no men here. · This floor exists as proof that it is impossible to please women.

  • Women are digusting. We wont marry them.

  • Wow. Great reminder that I am 100% Good with remaining 100% single. Thanks for the reminder. Keep my eyes to myself. Thank you . Better now. Just too crazy for me. Thank you.

  • I agree that these hoes are cray. But I feel like its unfair to say young women acting like this justifies MGTOW. when women get this type of criticism its usually the "hot" women who are acting like this. As you said they think they should go for the 10 man, tall, good looking treats her like an asshole, but don't men do the same thing? Lots of men think they deserve a woman that's a "10" and they ignore the 5's who are good decent ladies that would appreciate a nice guy... but they are all going after the crazy hoes.

  • I'm starting to doubt that you are really a woman. These levels of self awareness are only expressed by men, lol.

  • On-Line Dating Surveys consistently show that WHITE Men are the most desirable dates for women who seek marriage, family, children, because we make good husbands/parents, and this includes Asian, Latino, and Persian (yup, the 'Death To America' people) Women, so, I would suspect it is 2:1 WHITE Women prefer WHITE Men (Conservative-To-Liberal Ratio is ~2:1) !!!

    • I suspect that the toxic women are Liberals, NOT Conservatives, and maybe they just don't know what they want, or maybe they want what is bad for them ...
    • I think you should add some suggestions for improvement for Men and Women as to how to attract/keep someone in your life, happy together ...
    • A good summary you have provided ... THANKS !!!
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  • That was entertaining. Foolish women love the asshole guys because they're more exciting. Some men (many young men) are after the exciting young chicks, who end up being smarmy scumbags, too.

  • Well... I think Woman kill most men before they die.... I would love to find a good woman but kinda... Don't think they exist. I don't want more problems, I have enough on my own - and sadly I can only see me getting many more with a woman.

  • Chivalry is dead and women killed it. Meh!

  • Sort of? Not sort of, 97% of modern women are toxic and delusional

  • Men and women don't "evolve", and they have never "evolved". They either have a conscience they listen to or that they reject. Forget all this instinct crap. This is about morality, and none of these women have any. What I'm seeing are the seven deadly sins. Pride, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Lust, Sloth and Greed. What they need to know is that they will be judged - for everything.

  • This might be an unpopular opinion (I believe it as fact), but women need to think about what it means to be a wife. To me a wife should be a best friend, and a lover. Men want a woman who listens when he speaks. A man, at least a real man wants steady sex from his wife. A man marries so he doesn't have to go looking for sex. A wife that refuses sex ain't no wife at all. A man wants a wife that is his helper and partner to build a good solid happy life. Women need to realize that men choose who to marry, and that men do not have to get married. That is the truth women. A MAN DOES NOT NEED TO GET MARRIED. Women need to know certain other things about a real man. A real man doesn't want want a women to nag. Also men don't want the topic of discussion to be money and material things all the time. Men want to lead, and they want to be listened to without argument and nagging and gas lighting. Women would do themselves good if they would settle for a man who is nice. A real man wants a nice, caring, and nurturing wife. It is true, a man wants his wife to mother him, but in a romantic and sexual way. Most of all if a man gets married, he wants all of the above so they'll treat his children good and with nurturing mothers.



  • It's always a good time watching women roast other women when their hypergamy gets out of hand. You made my day!

  • Appreciate you on this dive!!!

  • It’s the bad fruit from fatherlessness. The break down of the family is how a nation self destructs. As the traditional family goes , mom dad, children, aunts uncles grandparents, that’s Gods design, as it leaves the nation self destructs. That’s why the satanic groups like BLM hate the patriarchal family. They serve Satan who hates God and Hods design of family. It’s very sad. America is self destructing right before our eyes. America turning back to Jesus is the only answer

  • "Sausage fingies?...those are MY sausage fingies.". Now its funny, yes.

  • Its not funny, but is interesting.

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