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Stunning List of 56 Food Processing Plants Destroyed Since January
May 13, 2022


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Stunning List of 56 Food Processing Plants Destroyed Since January

  • The American Journal

Many animals are burned alive.. - the criminal deepstate is evil!

Almost all disasters are caused by fire.. - very suspicious also that Russia is having many "unexplained" fires on its own territory..

Does the Deepstate have a secret weapon to cause fires without leaving a trace.. !? - In that case, it is highly criminal, because many people, animals and goods are burned alive.. extremely evil.

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  • Pre-planned like the Plandemic

  • There is no such thing as coincidence

  • So the food supply is being attacked by terrorists; that constitutes a declaration of war. IMO

  • I thought it was like 26, now it's 56???

  • The plane 'crash' was UNMANNED!

  • Wow, @RodVan claims to be a Trump supporter yet he posts a link from a factcheck site about this. lmao. I believe we have a faker in our midst. I bet he watches the clown news network too. lol too funny. Like a RINO in the republican party. lol

  • It's called "Jewish lightening"

  • you probably can't find half as many in Ukraine. there it's called "war", but in US it's "government malfunction"

  • Jewish lightening never stops.

  • Pervasive evil, satan's little helpers. Where is PITA'S outrage??? Australia's massive fire was preplanned, for Covid/CCP control/ psych. war & oppression. Let's PRAY THAT GOD EXPOSES ALL, NAMES, AND THEY ARE INCARCERATED, PROPERTIES/ INCOME MONIES FORFEITED, AND 7X REPARATIONS MADE TO THE FIRES VICTIMS!!! THE TRUTH ALWAYS SURFACES. ISN'T THAT RIGHT MR. SOROS?

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