Jan 09, 2021


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  • I can only say one thing: "Learn how to cook!" If you eat like that, in 20 years you will have major health problems. I saw a fresh fruit/vegetable section, but you didn't even go into that area...

  • Where has your Viking spirit gone? Are you really afraid to try new things? Even we Swedes try new foods !

  • If those are Euro prices, WOW!!!! A CAN OF SPAGHETTI $40.00?

  • I have a feeling there is more then just one thousand items in that store.

  • How any normal person can eat this poison. No wonder people so messed up.

  • The "Rema 1000" is a budget chain of stores, there is better chains of stores like "Meny" with a lot more products and of higher quality like fresh meat, fish, ecological foods, fresh bakery etc.

  • Nice video. Five minutes max in the grocery store, perfect!! And at least Norwegians have their priorities right ......... BEER :)

  • Great video. Never been to Norway. (will that ever happen after travel has been made virtually impossible?) I'm from The Netherlands. We do have a lot of fresh meat, fish, poultry, cheese and many types of bread on the shelves in addition to lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. And of course frozen foods and canned food and in jars are also available. We have the same non-vanilla vanilla junk in the shops. Real vanilla is very expensive, but you can buy it. But once you have tasted the real thing... man you will never ever eat that fake shit anymore. In the Netherlands, quality is cared for by most people I think, but that of course depends on your budget. I'd rather eat a little less for which I pay more than eat something I can't enjoy. I enjoy quality and love all world cuisines.

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