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Dissident Mama, episode 45 – Father Peter Heers
Sep 20, 2022

Dissident Mama

Smashing sacred cows with a bang, not a whimper.



Fr. Peter Heers has lived in Thessaloniki, Greece, with his wife and five homeschooled children since 2000, when he also launched the publishing house Uncut Mountain Press. The son of an Anglican priest who converted to the Church with most of his parish in 1991, Fr. Peter came to Orthodoxy in 1992.

Fr. Peter has a doctorate in Dogmatic Theology and is a professor at Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary in New York and was a rector of two parishes in Greece. He is also a translator of several books including two tomes on St. Paisios, a two-time author of works on modern ecumenism, the editor of an Orthodox journal, and was the first headmaster of Three Hierarchs Academy, an Orthodox school in Arizona.

Besides operating Uncut Mountain Press, the prolific Fr. Peter is also the creator of the website The Orthodox Ethos, which features podcasts, essays, and online courses, and has online communities at both its Patreon and Crowdcast pages, where additional online lectures and live-stream Q&A sessions are also available.

The good father and I discuss the mass deception of “covid-ism,” courage vs. cowardice, trust vs. rationalism, blind obedience, anonymity, clergy’s condescension of laity, the importance of the Holy Fathers, the destruction of history as a symptom of nihilism, and much more. As Fr. Seraphim Rose explained, “While there is daylight, we must speak out.” Amen.

Some topics related to our conversation include: • Fr. Peter’s multi-part lecture series Russia’s New Martyrs & The Catacomb Church and Intro to Orthodoxy, and his videos Why I Will Not be Inoculated with the Experimental Drug Solution and The Coronavirus Narrative and its Demonic Methodology; • the Burning Bush Brotherhood; • Fr. Seraphim Rose’s Orthodox Survival Course; • and DM episode 11 – Nora Kowalcheck, New Martyrs & Confessors, Russian Lessons for Dixie, and The Ludwell Orthodox Fellowship: Our Mission by yours truly.

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