What These Injections Do To Your Brain & Other Organs, Dr Ryan N Cole, Pathologist
Aug 16, 2021
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  • VERY good information!

  • Excellent video on what COVID vaccines due to your brain and organs

  • how can I watch the whole thing? it stopped in the middle of it!

  • when was this conference held? and where? it's frightening to hear the information and no where you could hear it from the other news outlet!

  • It's tragically ironic; The anti GMO folks that GM'd themselves are now asking us ALL to become a GMO so they can be safe from us... There's a farm out side of town that has been stacking 6 foot ears of corn... Oh fudge!

  • They don't want us to know the TRUTH! That is why there is no funding to find out what is happening after getting the Covid Vaccine. Be a Good Little Sheep Just Shut up and Do as you are Told!

  • Nice boots.

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