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since: November 10th 2022
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  • Katie Quinn knows the spiritual battle is real. She fought it first hand.

    Katie is an unapologetic follower of Jesus Christ. She was raised in the Catholic church but almost lost her faith. She loved Jesus so much but watched as her parish priests (and ministers of other faiths) casually accepted lockdowns and surrendered the love of Christ to the bureaucracy. During the lockdown, she pursued a ministry program and obtained ordination. With decades of volunteering with women and children within the Catholic church, Katie Quinn began ministering to women who felt depleted of faith. Women are society's backbone--mothers, wives, teachers, and financial contributors to families. They feel the strain of today's expectations. But they should NOT surrender their faith. Katie Quinn experienced that despair and overwhelm firsthand and overcame it only through the love of her savior, Jesus Christ. These short episodes are faith "refills," designed to give women Biblically-based support and encouragement.

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