May 02, 2022

An0maly (Dream Rare) News Analysis!

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  • Thank you, zoomer!! Huggies to you! This half-crazed Silent Boomer totally agrees; Epstein's probably alive and well on some tropical island! Stop and think a moment: it's the oddest, craziest theories screamed down as 'conspiracy' over the years that are coming to light as being true! So, trust your gut! It's probably telling you TRUTH!

  • Agree πŸ’―- Epstein is very much alive.

  • LOL......Elon is a member of the WEF. Google it!

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  • Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeff Epstein ran an Israeli blackmail operation that helped assure perpetual US wars for Israel's balkanizing Oded Yinon Plan.

  • It's ALL cover for what is going on between Israel and Ukraine/Russia. No one cares about any of this given that none of these "elite" is going to suffer ANY consequences for their actions. So, since I'm not watching most of this video, what's Musk going to say, that he didn't KNOW who Maxwell was when this photo was taken?? Ahahahahaha. The tribe members all know one another. And who is this Mehdi Hasan anyway? Why is he hired by MSNBC? Doesn't the CIA have enough people yakking it up over at their media arms in the mid East?

  • Dr. Michael Yeadon; Covid 19 Worldwide Depopulation and Control - Mass Murder Through Vaccines. BE SURE TO WATCH THE ENDING OF THIS 2 MINUTE VIDEO!

  • Here is the proof Donald Trump is part of the enemy swamp. If you can't see it from this 8 minute video, you are brainwashed beyond help just like the leftards are.

    I am glad you caught on to Cruz, but you missed several other things. Bush and his entire family are criminals just like Biden's family. Most anyone who gets into office were/are. Except Jimmy Carter. I can't explain that one. Some go in criminals, but have a change of heart. Well, one did, that was JFK, the CIA killed him. Bush was head of the CIA before becoming president. Big shock. I think anyone who knows anything can agree that the CIA is the most corrupt agency in America. In my opinion, after watching the coup against Trump via election fraud and all the evidence that was presented but ignored, shot down and in some cases outright disappeared (like the hard drive and modem in AZ), that says it all. AMERICA HAS BEEN TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY INFILTRATED FROM CITY TO STATE TO FEDERAL. All of our agencies, many of our police dept. NSA, FBI, DOJ and God knows how many others we've never heard of.

    Trump is part of it all. Are you ready to face the truth? Or are you going to make excuses for him like you are Elon Musk. Who obviously is loved and favored by the deep state who give him one government contract after another. You don't even get to be rich in today's world without having the Cabal's blessing. We saw what happened to businesses that weren't part of the deep state when the elections cut off their servers, pulled their advertisers and basically destroyed anyone that didn't capitulate to the false narrative. Even we the people were banned out of having a voice in their big tech and MSM fake news. All of which are controlled by the deep state. No one seems to put it all together and realize the truth. THE WORLD IS BEING TAKEN OVER RIGHT NOW. Sure they step back like they are now, but they take 10 steps forward and one step back, never giving back the rights or power they took. The constitution is barely toilet paper at this point.

  • Amusements for the ignorant masses.

    If I wanted to hear what MSNBC has to say, I'd watch them. I don't need a surrogate propogandist to bring that garbage here. If you had a channel I'd BLOCK it.

  • you should have an interview with Brandon Straka - similar conversion from the democratic party - would be an interesting conversation.

  • You are a real one An0moly. I remember ten years ago where my support old aunt felt like the Democratic party left her.

  • Elon, like Trump, like Alex Jones is sent by the Deep State to fake the illusion of "democracy". Things could go either way! No, they can't.

  • The talking head who doesn't have an American accent or an American face, who is this "we"

  • this is cool thing

  • Tired of hearing the left talk about democracy. Why? Because the lack of state controls for responsibility in a democracy enable the wealthy elite to manipulate the economy, the press and elected officials for its own gain, and not be held responsible for their actions.

    What are we presently experiencing and what is the left pushing? Socialist communistic democracy under authoritarian control by the elite. Not sure about you bit I'm not buying.

  • "laughable?" PRES TRUMP got these jobs done- cheap gas. no soldier deaths the last 18 months of afgan when he was in office. He cut taxes. the largest in America's history. cut regulations. got us out of the Iran deal. put the american embassy in jerusalem. took it to the terrorists. such as soleimani, and al-baghdadi. built the wall on our southern border on 350 miles of our southern border. REAL MEDIAN household income grew to $68,703 in 2019, an impressive 6.8% increase over 2018. While the overall growth rate was 6.8%, real median income grew by an even greater 7.9% for Black Americans, 7.1% for Hispanic Americans, and 10.6% for Asian Americans. All record highs as were the new income levels for each of these groups. Joe's handlers are heading us to the "misery index" purposely. did i say cheap gas? so tell me what has joe's jewish handlers done for you?

  • Hear, here! wwg1wga #MAGAAgain!

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  • Asshole peter puffer shillin for the g=d damned JWO. MUSK IS EVIL .

  • Shouldn't one of them go down? lmao, yeah, how about Musk? Paedo good cop?

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