Mar 09, 2022

An0maly (Dream Rare) News Analysis!

American News Analyst & Hip-hop Artist.



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  • Check these quick. Download, print, screen shot. There is a url in these files that says wef agenda 11 sept , and I found it. Noone brought this to the table! Boom!

  • Should have asked Torba who's room he stayed in during the Groyper gay rally in Florida...

  • Very good interview!

  • Nice interview

  • Time to build our own physical self sufficient towns too! I’ve got the land. Seeking Real Estate Developers and all construction help. DM me.

  • Great interview, guys!

  • An0maly - Ray Dalio will bring you up to speed on what is happening

  • Awesome Discussion ... GETTR --->>> GUTTR !!!

  • Where two or three are gathered, there is He also.

  • Great interview, way to point out every other social media is on amazon servers.

  • Cant be banned from your own servers etc, i am sure they are thinking of ways or already have them... this is what gab needs to defend against

  • This convo is what got me to join up.

  • Great video beginning to end

  • The 4th Reich is alive and well in the US. The new world order ....Hitlers dream !!

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  • Great discussion, thanks.

  • Excellent interview! Loved it. Well done.

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