Mar 16, 2022

An0maly (Dream Rare) News Analysis!

American News Analyst & Hip-hop Artist.



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  • You should not drink too much of that Russian Vodka you had your staff collect that was being discarded by bars, restaurants and hotels before holding a Press Conference.

  • Is it possible these clowns have been injected with something that makes them borderline clinically retarded?

  • She's a known lush.

  • Been warning people that having a bunch of loony geriatrics running the country might not be the best idea, but here we are! :-\

  • Geriatric Psychopaths! The truth is they are puppets of the globalists who have been in office for 30-50 plus years and refuse to enact Term Limits or retire. They can't give up their power, control, and making millions in secret while living off the taxpayer for most of their lives. Putin is 70. Trump is about 75. And, then we have the issue of pedos. Hollywood and wealthy CEO's like Schwab, 80s, Soros, 90s and Gates, near 70 working against the people. Putin and Trump appear pretty healthy. The puppets are compromised with Wall Street, Insider Trading, secret deals and their sons with Ukraine, China, and Hillary and Russia. Angry 80 year old Maxine Waters and 90 year old Dianne Feinstein with a communist spy funded by taxpayer wages on her staff for 25 years. Term Limits long overdue. Hope we make it to Nov. 2022 and November 2024 - as a senior of sound mind and healthy thank God - these Democrats and RINOS destroying our nation for decades and won't leave office until they pass away - is insane. Term Limits long overdue. We need patriots of good character who love America of any age.

  • Why hasn't she done the finest thing she is capable of doing for humanity and just die of old age already?

  • So about those biolabs.......

  • She's even older than I thought. 81

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