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Nigel Farage Warns The West In This 2014 Speech About Russia & Ukraine! WORTH A WATCH NOW!
Mar 22, 2022

An0maly (Dream Rare) News Analysis!

American News Analyst & Hip-hop Artist.


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  • Keep up the video posts here please. Utube sucks and the energy you put into gab will come back to bless you and the people that want freedom of speech.

  • This narrative about pocking the Russian bear is getting old. President Yanukovich was not accepted by Kyiv, Kharkiv or Lviv - all different geographical regions of Ukraine, because he was reinstalled by Russia, not elected. The election was faked. It was a majority sentiment in Ukraine in 2004 and 2014 . That's why people took to the streets. So they overthrow him. Take note: Russia did not react to it in 2004/2014 the way they reacting now - the full scale military invasion. Ok, after 2014 events - of course the EU bankers and US politicians decided to increase their footprint in Ukraine. Nevertheless it's not an excuse for a full scale military invasion with artillery, planes and rockets that is taking place in Ukraine now. see our war reports here

  • poot en this guys voice is really like nails on a chalkboard. yuck.

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  • And the results of his warning? He is canceled and muzzled by those who oppose free speech that disagrees with their narrative. The odd thing about the suppression of Farage is that the political philosophy of those in the EU that muzzled Farage is identical to that of Putin and Xi. Marxist one and all. That same philosophy is being used in the America to muzzle free speech advocates and smear them with false claims of being Nazis, or "White supremacists". Sadly, over 100 law students at Yale's Law school disrupted and shouted down and drove out speakers that didn't fall in line with the Marxist narrative. The law students claimed their protest was peaceful but videos of the event show their claims to be false. The legal profession will soon join most of the science profession in adopting Lysenkoism: science and law in the service of the (deep) State.

  • Go Nigel, luv that guy, he always knows what is going on.

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