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Is there a plan?
Jan 20, 2021


Taylor reflects on the last year and on the coming year. Reflections on Hebrews 11-13 and on St Sebastian, the martyr.

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  • I am not Roman Catholic, and I strongly disagree with Roman Catholic doctrines, but I believe in your sincere desire to follow Jesus Christ as Lord. That we can rally around and is by far the most important.

  • Dr. Taylor! So GOOD to see you here on GabTV! I've seen some of your videos, but not many, actually, during your political junketing. So glad I caught THIS video, however, and hope to see more here. I hope you will sometimes dip in and say hi on Gab Group: Roman Catholics (the 23K one that's been going on for 4 years) I agree it was perfect that inauguration day was St. Sebastian feast day!! Thanks for reading and elaborating on this chapter in Hebrews. It's a very UNCOMFORTABLE yet comforting chapter, and made for this day (among others).

  • This episode covers a lot.

    First, my comment would be that I don’t feel cheated, because I never believed Trump’s lawsuits would work. If the Supreme Court could have ordered a re-do vote with the original rules (looking at you, Pennsylvania), the election would have been fair. But you cannot audit what has no paper trail. The paper trail itself was a mess. Trump was screwed before the election started.

    Secondly, I really enjoyed the other half of your video. READ INFILTRATION, my friends. It’s easy to tell in the comments who does not get it yet.

  • Im sorry but the Catholic church has been proven to be part of the shit show that's going on, starting from the top. Pray the roseary? No thanks. I'll pray directly to God himself. I don't need an intermediary. If I need to pray the roseary to be part of "the team" then I guess I'm not part of your team. I respect that ground level Catholics aren't really the example of what the fake ass pope represents but I could say the same about Muslims. Sorry but I will never be convinced that the Vatican didnt know about the election fraud since it did happen in Rome and I think yhe antichrist will come from the vatican.

  • Why do you pray in latin, when 99% of your listeners don't understand it?

  • I sincerely appreciate all you've said. But...You say pray the Rosary or your not on the team...I sure am glad God doesn't say that to me. Mary was as human and born into sin as much as I was was (all of us actually) and yet you pray to her. 1st commandment...Thou shalt have no other Gods before me...are you not making her a God? Also, why didn't Jesus pray to her if that is how He wanted us to pray? He said, this is how you should pray...Our FATHER who art in heaven...I don't recall a mention of Mary. Or why didn't He tell us to pray to her or through her instead? He didn't...He told us to come to the Father directly. He NEVER told us to pray to or through Mary...NEVER (!) so can that part be "added" to how we are supposed to pray? I don't get the pray to Mary thing...I feel it is an insult to the work Jesus did on the Cross and it is saying that it wasn't enough...Well, it was enough for me and because of His sacrifice, and ONLY His sacrifice, my name is in the Book of Lambs. I wonder if she weeps in Heaven over all those who pray to her knowing how wrong it is.... I know you mean well, but feel you are very mislead and legalistic. I say this to you in love and through the Name of Jesus and no other.

  • Very simple, 2020 was a shit show!

  • Wonderful to see you here, Dr. Marshall, thank you. God bless you and yours+

  • Our Lady predicted it. Even if we didn't know how it would happen, we shouldn't be surprised it did.

    How can we really be upset with the bishops and pope who never followed her directions at Fatima, if we haven't done what she asked us to do there? #5FirstSaturdays

    Glad you are here Dr. Marshall. Glad you're on Gab. Glad you're in Texas.

  • Dr Marshall thanks for this.

    Some points of hope to consider:

    1. This past year with the coronavirus, the number of modern Catholics who have come to Tradition has been overwhelming - some parishes, including mine, have almost doubled in size. They have been locked out of their modern parishes, often deliberately kept closed even after they could be 'legally' opened, but have been able to use their time to read about Tradition and what's gone wrong in the Church, making this past year unexpectedly the best for Tradition since 1970.

    2. The number of normies who are and will continue to see the NWO culture of death for what it is, is rising by the tens of thousands each day. Are there many people still dumb and blind to this? Yes, certainly. But when you see this beast for what it is, you don't go back to liberalism again.

    3. God has always raised up random/seemingly unlikely people to accomplish his aims, in his own time, and when the prayers of the faithful merited it. We see this in the Old Testament and in our own times. Trump is one of those people. You could say Abp. Vigano is another. And particularly Abp. Lefebvre as well. We thus live in the hope that God will raise up warriors to defend truth and need to focus right now on what we can. That is, hardening up, building our courage, engaging with our daily duties, building our communities, as faithfully to God as we can.

    This is a noble effort we have - to live in such times. We have the chance to be one of the most faithful of all Catholics who have ever lived, because those who lived in easier, more innocent times perhaps didn't have the opportunities for courage and conviction that we have now. The New World Order may seem to be unstoppable, but we have to remember that the Roman Empire, the Soviet Union, etc. likewise seemed the same, until they were too suddenly ended. There's way more of us than of them. We must be good people, support good, holy priests, have large families, continue to resist the NWO agenda everywhere. Boycott bad companies and 'buycott' the few good ones. Live a holy life and be prepared to die like soldiers for the truth, to give our children a better life than we had. We must be practical and not melancholic. Life is too short for tears.

  • We just let them take the country from us. Straight like that. All hell is coming and we allowed it.

  • Thank you, Dr. Marshall! God bless you and your beautiful family!🙏🙏🙏

  • Glad you are here. Weening myself from Youtube

  • Thank you Dr Marshall glad to see you on GAB

  • I do feel cheated because there was so much election fraud. Today I watched our country fail and in it's place, the dawning of Cultural Marxism... and it was ushered in with applause. God requires Action on our part but we're in for persecution and hardship. Our 'sit & wait' mentality has left us too lethargic and we've enabled it by doing nothing. Our 'fight' is about what is being taught to our children. the attack is on the family

  • If America is to redeem herself she must seek out what is True, Good, and Beautiful. We must engage the modern world! Whether we win or lose is not for man to measure. Love your enemies so that you may be the voice in the desert calling all to make crooked ways straight. Do this all in the Most Blessed Name of Jesus Christ.

  • This was a highly-needed and appreciated reflection. Thanks, Taylor! Also, I like Gab TV more than Youtube. It is much cleaner, has better visual appeal/UI, etc. Good viewing experience.

  • So let’s just sit and pray - waiting for them to come for us? I think God expects more from His people. Prayer and action are needed for what’s coming

  • Catholics as a group will be able to effect change in this country. Peaceful protests and boycotts of businesses who don’t share Christian or Patriot values. I’m not angry bc I trust God- but am very willing to fight for what’s right

  • I don’t feel dumb or used. If there was ever a time to stand up for America and for our constitution, this was the time. Things did not work out the way we hoped, but America will ALWAYS be worth fighting for. We have a president now that claims to be Catholic, yet is prepared to put forth the most extreme pro abortion policies we’ve ever seen. I will not give up. I will proclaim the Truth. You cannot be Catholic and be pro-abortion! I will continue fighting for the babies!! Joe Biden needs to repent!

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