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50,000 Wasp Eggs?!
May 09, 2022

Whitworth Family Farms

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Let's see if this helps our fly situation! Getting prepped for processing day!

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  • Carnivorous plants., a red pitcher plant loves fly's. You can mitigate your problem rather well just with pitcher plants. Get a few and add more every year. I put mine in pots so I can move them to problem areas. Fly traps are a good 2nd tier bug killer. Thread leaf Sundews eat skeeters.... There is a plant for almost every bug. Wasps are the favorite of the Yellow Pitcher plant, btw.

  • Send a bag to the white house...

  • Try using Diatomaceous Earth. Takes care of insects, like roaches, fleas, ticks?? IT won't hurt the animals, even if they eat it on the grass.

  • I'm not crazy about the idea of introducing more insects. Let mother nature deal with it. If you kill bees with these wasps you will have much bigger problems than you have now. I don't know who came up with this solution but I would look into it before using it. There are CABAL types that have been messing with our bees for many years now and I would not put it past them to go about it in this way for nefarious purposes.

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  • Wasps kills bees and that could rid your flies but stop pollination and messing with natures balance takes study and careful steps, I have hens and roosters. You must have spent a good 20 minutes transferring hens into the trailer opening and closing doors. just pick up one and put a trail of food and the rest will surely follow. I laughed so hard I missed the rest of the vid. NIce farm equipment big fella.

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