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Pig Trouble!
Jul 02, 2022

Whitworth Family Farms

We love Jesus, health and fitness, and farmsteading



We've acquired 3 of the piglets back from the previous litter and they don't remember the electric! This has been a hectic week!

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  • I work with pigs everyday. Can't help but love em. lol

  • The first Hog looks like Bill Barr, enjoying his retirement, at our expense.

  • Looks like a lovely farm, with animals well cared for and living a high quality, good/happy life. Thank you for sharing, puts a smile on ones face just to see it (and the care and effort you all to maintaining it as such). Did the pigs get sunburnt or something? ... anyway, looks wonderful. Blessings :)

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  • You put up a larger shade cloth but unless you raise up the north side to block the sun you don't gain much at all. That pig that keeps getting out is smarter than you apparently. The trees cast a bigger shadow because they are tall. Use both cloths but use taller poles on the north side.

  • May Jesus Christ continue to give you guys peace and strength.

  • are your feeders empty?

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