Jan 27, 2021

Elisabeth Kitzing

Musician/songwriter/producer from New York living in Sweden. ❤️ music, nature, (dogs especially)...



Psalm 23 was the psalm that I read to my dad on his dying bed and that brought him back to life for a few seconds. Let me tell the story. I was in Sweden and my father was in the hospital with an incurable infection in his lungs after a triple bypass operation. He was on life support and had told the doctors before he was sedated that if they deemed that he would not recover, then he wanted them to pull the plug. My family had gotten the word that the doctors wanted us to come in and be there at the moment he was going to be taken off life support. They gathered and called me. I listened while they unhooked the one machine after the other. Finally they only had an EKG on. He went flatline. I asked them to put the receiver close to his ear so I could say one last thing. All I did was recite Psalm 23 and said "see you in heaven dad". While the phone was close to his ear, his heart started pounding again. And when I was done it stopped for good. "What did you say to him", my family asked. I told them and then my mom said, "Did you know that Psalm 23 was his favourite portion of the Bible and that I read it to him every night before we went to sleep?". "No", I said. What a profound story! For me, and millions of people around the globe, Psalm 23 is the most loved portion of scripture. It speaks of God as the Good Shepherd. It was only fitting to put this psalm to music in a country setting. I was out and filmed the sheep for three whole days. I learned a lot about them by just hanging out with them. What a beautiful piece Palm 23 is. There was a sign in my home as I grew up that said "He who sings prays twice". Sing along with me on this song and let the song become a prayer, leading you closer to the Great Shepherd of our souls. He will give you rest, peace of mind and protect you as you graze... CCLI#: 7102076

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