Jan 27, 2021

Elisabeth Kitzing

Musician/songwriter/producer from New York living in Sweden. ❤️ music, nature, (dogs especially)...



It was January and very cold outside when we filmed this video. I had been having problems with my sinuses for years and was afraid that being outside for hours without a knitted cap would aggravate them but what don't you do for your fans? So I prayed that I wouldn't get a sinus infection or migraine and set out to make this movie. When I came home I was surprised that all the pain was gone. And the strange thing was that the rest of that winter 2020 I didin't have any trouble with my sinuses again. Now I don't know if it was that I froze them to death when we filmed this movie or that God healed me....but one thing I know, prayer has worked so many times before! For me, singing to the Lord is synonymous with being thankful. In this song, my first single ever, I sing to Him and then He sings to all of us. "In the darkest night let me shine on you....when the sun comes up I'll keep singing I love you." Let this sing hug you! Music and lyrics by me All rights reserved. You can catch my music on all major streaming platforms. Go to the link in the bio. CCLI#: 7144801

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  • Nice Groove! You are from NY? I have a lot of family in the Northeast.

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