Jan 26, 2021

Elisabeth Kitzing

Musician/songwriter/producer from New York living in Sweden. ❤️ music, nature, (dogs especially)...



Find my music on all major music platforms or go to my homepage: About this song: It is amazing what it does for your soul and self image the moment you lose yourself while gazing into the eyes of love. For me, brought up in a dysfunctional home, I couldn't relate to the idea of God being a loving Father. I understood it in my head but my heart wouldn't open up to receive it. Unconsciously, I saw everything through the lens of a distant and often abusive earthly dad. For years, I struggled as a Christian with trying to fully receive biblical statements such as "God is love" and " He has counted how many hairs on on my head" and "He knew me in my mother's womb". It all sounded so lovely and cozy but my heart still felt unloved. There are 18" between your head and your heart. (Slightly less for me because I am so short.) Through the years, I had seen many miracles, healings, lives changed and much more. I knew He was the truth but His love seemed difficult to "feel". I wanted to have rich intimacy with God but I didn't know what was blocking it. One day, I simply let go and gave Him my heart. All the affection I had was going to be His without any if ands or buts. My heart was empty and I made a simple decision to give God my love and worship because He is who He says he is and He is worthy of all praise for all He already has done. (Nature, healings, miracles, and last but not least...dying for us on a cross when we were His enemies). So I started singing with all my heart unconditionally. That's when His love broke my bubble and He hit my broken soul with the truth that He loves me so. I will never forget that moment. I was at a Christian conference. As I sang as loud as I could to the One who made my voice, I started feeling a wonderful heaviness. It got so heavy that I had to sit down, then lay down on the floor. Then waves of love came crashing slowly and beautifully over me. He started speaking about how He'd been there all along...loving me in many ways giving examples from real life. He spoke about things to come and the waves kept coming. I started crying and years of rejection and pain bled out through those tears. When I finally got up again I was free and filled with the Holy Spirit. The next couple pf days I saw that my husband and I were on a roll: people got saved and healed wherever we went. Since that day, the day I saw His eyes of love, (how God sees me) I will never see hHim as distant again.

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