Jan 26, 2021

Elisabeth Kitzing

Musician/songwriter/producer from New York living in Sweden. ❤️ music, nature, (dogs especially)...



In light of things that were happening with social(ism) media in November of 2020, I wrote a song. I premiered it on the Patriots in Tune show the day after I and 70k ppl lost their Twitter accounts. The Purge took 10k followers and years of work away from me. I was deleted from Linktree in December of 2021 for including a link to GAB and Bichute in a major purge that happened not only to me but to many I know. Free speech is being attacked violently from many different angles. I plan to fight back by continuing to speak my mind. Maybe I won't be able to do it on certain platforms but I will continue to speak it here as long as GAB TV exist. Please support what I do by following me here and on music platforms. I do this for free to inspire you! About this song: "In the middle of it all I am blessed and secure, I am safe in Your presence Lord." This is the main point of the song. No matter what happens around us, God is good to those who love Him. The little girl in the video is me when I was not worried about freedom being taken away back in the late 60's. It was a time of America, the great. Now, 50 years later, I have to weigh each word and be careful what I post or else I can be penalised. (But not on GAb. Here I can just be a patriot and a believer!) How did we get to this point? Can we turn back the clock? I don't think so. But in the middle of it all we can be blessed, feel safe and secure. Stay close to God. Be at peace. Find rest. Then out and fight again for love, truth and hope. Wanna know more?

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