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Wake Up, White People! Anti-White Resentment Is *INTENSIFYING* (5/28/21)
May 28, 2021


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  • Franklin's prophecy is coming true.

  • White people in America are fucking stupid. They are so caught up in taking care of jews that they disregard themselves.

  • WAR is where this is going. Not a civil war, The 2nd American Revolution!! If patriots do not take their country back by force we will loose it forever.

  • woke leftards cant be counted among Whites they are the enemy. on the brightside the new people filling positions will be incompetent so they don't concern me. the problem are those who refuse to act because of their job or family, things they will not have any longer if they continue doing nothing. histry shows people will sit on their asses as long as they're comfortable let's see what happens when that begins to disappear, they'll have to fight or take the high road off the cliff.

  • White skin is a genetic adaptation to living away from the tropics. Blacks can't live at those latitudes (ever hear of the "rickets line"?) without forcing an evolutionary adaptation that turns their skin white - so they can process the sunlight to make vitamin-D (when supplements are difficult to obtain, nature will select dark-skinned people for recycling). It may take 10,000 years, but it'll happen. Intelligence is also an adaptation to living at high latitudes. Nature is merciless to anyone who isn't smart enough to plan for the future seasons - planning that's not necessary in the tropics. This explains why the light-skinned people are more intelligent than those closer to the tropics who have darker skin.

    This also means that the economy of the US (partly based on scientific progress which requires out-of-the-box thinking and intelligence) will decline at an accelerated rate thanks to the decline of White engineers and scientists (especially men, as men are smarter than women by 3 to 5 IQ points according to studies done on subjects past the age of 13). The short-term future doesn't look good for North America.

  • Are Jews white people? I thought so.

  • This should be broadcast on all channels 24/7

  • How about you go fuck yourself

  • Years ago Howard Stern ( who I dispize) had a guy on his radio show that said 30 yrs. Ago" wake up white people)

  • Some of the worst anti-whites are white themselves. It's pathetic. We must all do everything we can to fight for the future of whites. Also, there are Jews, such as myself, who agree with this video. Don't push us away, because white-advocates need all the allies we can get.

  • Its slowly happening, soon it won't be just white people.

  • See it this way.

    Gentiles vs Jews. Even if whites become a minority, they will be part of the gentiles against Jews.

    Whites should spread the word that Jews are the supremacist masters over goyim. All Gentiles unite against Jews.

  • White people are the ones perpetrating this "genocide" and enabling our demise. How far would this have gone without all the white woke warriors who speak about "racist white people" in the third party? Unfortunately, our brethren have morphed into a bunch of groveling self-loathing fools hellbent on destroying their own race. We're engaged in a "race war" in which the true enemy is in our skin, literally. I wake up every day and feel like I'm in the twilight zone.

  • It's become virtually impossible to advocate for white people as a group without being called a white supremacist or racist or any other of this bogus terms - we need to stop caring about being called such a term..

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