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Why is Pro-Israel Marjorie Taylor Greene Being Called Antisemitic?! (Nicholas J. Fuentes: 5/26/21)
May 27, 2021




From America First with Nicholas J. Fuentes (5/26/2021)

Regarding this tweet thread: |

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  • Great video if you hate joos like most liberals do - go kiss the PLOstinian feet and watch a few obama speeches before you play with yourself - the video talking head guy is a mashugana schmuck - there is a puddle of pee under his desk

  • B"H Sounds like you're polarizing and calling out pro-Israel people as 'the enemy'... there are a few issues here. We can be an ally to Israel without being a tributary, but the same is true for our relationship with Gaza and those Pelestinians who have remained in Israel, including those who live in Jerusalem and pray at Al Aqsa Mosque. Part of the problem I have with the pro-Palesstinian rhetoric and policies is that Congress is basing its decisions on false news reporting from Palestinian and other nearby anti-Jewish-Israel Arab Muslim sources. Captions and stories are twisted. Photos are used that are from other events than the ones reported on, at times. The Palestinians are VERY clever in warping worldwide public opinion. But, they are also excellent with addressing other topics of human interest, and the biggest obstacles to ending lethal conflict in the Middle East and sub-communities around the world that involve Jews and Palestinians together is that we, as Jews, have a faith that includes as a strong factor identification with the Holy Land, and this has been since Abraham first arrived there, while they have a sense of pride and a need for armed conquest, which is traditional for them since the time of Ishmael, and the idea of 'kibbutz gzluyoseinu), meaning ingathering of the exiles, with Nakhba, the depatriation and humiliation that Patestinians felt when Jews returning to the Holy Land were granted sovereignty in the 40's. It's a cultural disconnect and can be solved, but requires passage of time and goodwill. Two-state solution is artificial, as both peoples identify with the whole Holy Land. We just have to realize that we use it differently, and can coexist there in our different dimensions, I think. This idea that some Muslim clerics are lecturing on, that their Messiah can't come until all Jews are dead, does not seem, to me, to be consistent with the true original messge of the Kuran, but it is/was trending on TikTok and can result in some fatalities of our people. There is another problem in the Israel/Gaza conflict: we do not know how many Muslim Gazans are actually Jewish! So many Jewish women in Israel were lured/kidnapped to become Palestinians' wives, and those who did not get away raised their children as Muslims, in the Palestinian neighborhoods, so there is now no way to know who we are fighting! Re. MTG's analogy of vaccine passports to the yellow star of the Holocaust, I think it has some aptness. Some people who do not get vaccinated have a condition they can't really change (just like being Jewish is something that one can't really change, and, we're not racist about who may convert to Judaism, anyone may, it's just that we warn, severely, before they are accepted, because once it is done it is irrevocable and requires observance of 613 commandments, not 7 - or the 10 that most non-Jews consider themselves responsible for, which can basically be re-organized into the 7, and within this, the ultra-Orthodox groups have NEVER said there is anything wrong with Christian belief and worship, as long as it's done by a non-Jew, so this whole paranoia about Christian worship being punishable as per the 7 Commandments directive is incorrect, it's probably one of the main pathways to keeping them) and the thing that unvaccinated people have is 1. a directive to preserve their own lives which is not compatible with vaccination in light of the many fatalities that have occurred - over 10K in Europe so far with over 1M severe reactions), 2. a good enough understanding of science to know that these particular vaccines are likely to be highly dangerous, and some very concerning dangers are not likely to emerge until a year after injection, and 3. self-knowledge that they may be highly prone to the specific lethal after-effects reported in news stories or perhaps that have happened to their own friends/family... these people should not be stigmatized for their unchangeable situation by the vaccine passport required, much like it was wrong to stigmatize Jews for their unchangeable heritage, in the Holocaust. It does not make sense to say 'THE Holocaust' when one realizes that there are MANY Holocausts. 80 million Native Americans were killed within a few hundred years. That's REALLY decimation. And one cannot tell me that they are generally not Christians, as the builal grounds at Wounded Knee are under a cross, and Vine Deloria's book 'We Talk, You Listen' shows a Native American guarding a church... part of being America First means upholding the rights of any person who defends the beliefs and principles of America. One problem with WWII was that 13M Catholics were ALSO killed, as well as many righteous Lutherans who saw through Hitler's National Church, which was modeled after Lutheranism but took those traditions to back genocide, and would not participate, as well as anyone they could find who was congenitally or mentally ill, gypsies, and many violinists. They wanted to create a 'master race' and anyone who did not fit was material for the cattle cars, forced labor camps, and, tragically, ovens. That included Bavarians who fought and resisted and wound up in the camps, as well. (They are of Celtic background, not Teutonic, I have read.) The big message that must be gleaned from the Holocaust, which was huge and the pain of which would take centuries to forget, not 80 years, is that mass killing for prejudice is not okay! Mass klling is not okay. It happens to be miserable for us Jews as 40 to 66 percent of our whole people were killed in only about 6 years, depending on whose research one is relying on, and the goal was to make the whole world Judenrein, something that at least one Muslim cleric featured in TikTok also wants to do, so I find it very funny that Ms. Omar, with her condemnation of Jewish settlement at all in the land of Israel, should call ANYONE Anti-Semitic. She has Jewish friends? These are people who have forgotten that the commandment to live in the land of Israel is actually one of the 613. They may not even be keeping a number of our commandments, having decided that Social Justice (loving one's fellow) comes first and that in the USA this has to specifically mean loving black people, or Muslim immigrants, or anybody who is suffering from minority status. I do not know, as I do not know them personally. But, we are ONE people, so being a Zionist can't be separated from being a Jew who proudly identifies with one's people and helps others because the Torah said to do that. So, many Jews are lured into becoming anti-Zionist because they think that Zionism is marginal. It's not. But there has to be a sense of proportion. When American cities are burning because hordes of people got stir-crazy afater 2 months of lockdown and decided to get out and make lots of noise, and were provided weapons by a few foreign countries and money by someone who loves to disrupt countries that are not totally impoverished, I guess for some warped sense of social justice, like, that will even things out (?) ... when every good principle in the Torah which is also found in the Christian canon is being violated in the current regime, by lawmakers, Cabinet, 'President', and sometimes even the high court, we can't take the greatest percentage of time in Congress for AIPAC. Moshe Feiglin, head of the Zehut party in Israel, emphasized to Galutniks that when we vote, we MUST be voting for what is good for our country of residence, not for what is best for Israel, because as residents of non-Israel countries, the faith of our fathers requires that we be good citizens of those countries. Pirkei Avot says 'Pray for the welfare of the government, for, were it not for it, men would swallow each other alive'. All too true nowadays. It used to be just a metaphor for swallwing the interests and independence of another. Actually, I should not be afraid to contact AIPAC to recommend that they dovetail their interests with the interests of the country here, rather than competing for time and funds, because ultimately it will be more helpful. We are here in Diaspora to share the benefit of the Torah with whomever we are in contact with, and when the message has been adequately learned, we will no longer need to be out here. We will wind up willy nilly at the Temple Mount, because that is where we ultimately belong. Some people get there faster. Of course, some of us won't do so in our lifetimes. But there is the 2nd time around. The real message of the Holocaust, which mustn't be forgotten so soon, is prejudice according to race, religion, nationality of origin, genetic makeup, etc., is tragic and should not be happening. This includes prejudice against whites, men, Christians, those of European descent, etc.! BLM people who push critical race theory are just being opportunistic and going for all they can get, to get back at a predetermined description of people using the excuse of what was done in American slaveholding and European conquest of AFrica. It's overboard and stupid. There is some accuracy in the underlying theory but it's being interpreted and enforced in cruelty and stupidity. And how stupid to belittle white Christian men of European descent in the USA, where the latitude, climate, geology, and other earth-space incoming radiation, which is unique for this latitude (as differentiated from the tropics) and for the Northern Hemisphere (as differentiated from the Southern Hemisphere, these are the very people who can help the rest of us survive as the weather changes, and, often white Christian European-background men worked harder and spilled more blood to build and defend this country, it's just that currently the loudest voices (BLM) are blocking out this info; indeed it's been blocked since about 1865, I would guess. I put America First (even though I cherish my right of return to Israel) because I think that the unique approach of the settlers from Europe (those who did not massacre Native Americans) brought forward the best that Jewish tradition has to offer, be it in the name of Christianity. Of course, Jewish tradition won't be fulfilled without the Chalutzah, but important things happen outside Israel, and are done by non-Jews! I think the themes, principles, and personality traits of America have a lot to give to the world, even to the returning Jewish settlement in the Holy Land. So I'm here. And, many of these settlers may have been descendants of the Ten Tribes. For more info on that, check out

  • Well said Nick. Sending big gratitude & respect for your voice.

  • Nick is a true patriot and Marjorie should listenn to him.

  • MTG does not give a damn. MTG is gonna do MTG... you keep doing you.

  • Wow I cant believe the people that are going straight to the whole thing "You are antisemetic" Unbelievable. If you listen, I dont hear that at all. I hear him complaining about the jewish lobby in the US and his opinion and no it may not be in favor of the jewish lobby but that doesnt make you automatically antisemetic but the fact that people go there real quick, to quick, is suspicious right there!! I also dont hear him bashing MTG, who I support and will continue to support. If anything he still says he supports her and even invited her on. Also, I didnt hear him say that Israel is our only bad ally?? Wow people putting words in his mouth...really?? All they have in response to this truthful video is basically name calling. Where was all this outrage when BLM and Antifa were burning our own soil? That should be our main focus!

  • Wow, the antisemitic bigots are coming out of the woodwork here to defend that idiotic, clueless, kook bigot Fuentes. We need to break off our support of our ally Israel, but no other ally. It's ONLY bad if it's Israel.

  • Because Fuentes is a bloviating, idiotic, ignorant, antisemitic nut. That is the brain damage that being an amoral, licentious Libertarian causes.

  • I think the best tactic includes pointing out the factual documentation surrounding ethnic Jewish predominance to psychopathy. Corporate, governmental and pyramidal structures (physical, financial, psychological) are all systems that favor this type of thinking. By remaking the invisible informational environmental structures unfavourable (starting with homeschooling) we can win.

  • Marjorie Taylor-Greene is absolutely correct. We love her, we support her and we vote with our money and ballots.

  • What the politicians don't seem to understand is that no matter how much jewish ass they kiss it will never be enough. They've said so themselves.

  • He has been hitting it out of the park lately!

  • I am Jewish and I 100% agree with MTG. For Jews Holocaust is the greatest tragedy, my people still didn't recover in terms of numbers, the real number of victims is not 6,000,000 but in a range of 10,000,000. Your speech won't do any good to my struggle and my attempts to convince young liberal Jews that their place is to unite with American Christians.

  • Your are wrong?

  • MTG is right. We support her and we love her. GOP leader are bunch of a-hole. If Jew are upset then they can fuck off. They are NOT the people through out history who were prosecuted.

  • The Jews know that if they don't stand firm on the holocaust it will happen again. All of the other mass killings of civilians havre mostly been forgottgen. The millions killed by Mao can't be studied to any extent.because he is still the communists hero. The founder of Islam killed millions who wouldn't convert. There many others,but I have no intention of writing a book here.

  • Maybe she might turn away from supporting Isreal?

  • For you Star Wars Fans. Stay on Target. Stay on Target. Stay on Target. The Jewish Political Lobby is the ultimate Death Star

  • 6,000,000 β„’

  • Nick, you did not go far enough in singling out the corrupt core of the Jewish lobby: KHAZARIAN descendants who adopted Judaism, NOT original Jews of the Old Testament. They were members of a TURKIC people who occupied a large part of southern Russia from the 6th to the 11th centuries and who CONVERTED to Judaism in the 8th century. Today descendants are in banking i.e. Rothschilds. These "Jews" have used the Jewish causes to disguise their amoral swindling of many nations throughout history. So even real Jews have to confront their own lobby corruption, not just us for America First.

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