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E. Michael Jones: The History of Roe v. Wade Part I
Sep 20, 2022

E. Michael Jones

This is the Official account of Dr. E. Michael Jones:Dr. E. Michael Jones is a prolific Catholic...



On July 30th, Dr. Jones was invited to give a lecture about Roe v. Wade in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Jones dives deep explaining why abortion was promoted in America, who was behind it, and what the lasting consequences of spreading this heinous evil throughout the world. (Hint: it's Jewish Moloch worship)

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  • Good talk. I’ve listened to you enough that I could have composed this speech. My device cut out about once a minute so it turned into about two hours but I still finished. Btw is it possible that EMichael Jones is the alter ego for Big Mike which is the alter ego of Michelle Obama?

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