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F2F Radio: Approaching The Event Horizon
Jul 17, 2022

Feet To The Fire RADIO

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[Well, the program froze as I came to the end, but, I covered what I need to. All I was adding is with complexity theory, things are so numerous and complex, that something can come from "out of left field" as the saying goes that we cannot see. But other than that, the Event Horizon is on track...]

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I can feel it; increasing. The gravatonic pull propels us toward an Event Horizon whose boundaries, once crossed, indelibly lock us into a tumultuous future of tribulations.

I presented a talk in an earlier presentation ("The Coming Three Days of Darkness") on Nov 14th, 2021, which might be an excellent intro to tonight as time and current affairs have only deepened the metaphor to "As We Approach The Event Horizon."

And referring to Jesus' talking of the End Times have started to take shape and understanding:

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Ending Song in Full: Oh, Ancient One by James

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