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F2F Radio: Secrets, Myths and Reality
Jun 03, 2021

Feet To The Fire RADIO

Host of the Live Weekly Video/Audio broadcast: Feet to the Fire Radio, now in its 19th...



Note: My first upload to Gab TV but I have years (2003 to the present) of audio and video available from my links below. Secrets, Myths & Our Current Reality

I watched a 5+ hour video of a winner of the (assume Australian) X-Factor, and Mason spill the beans about the secret signs and rituals in the 33 degrees Mason. It's LONG and rough cut, but it is PACKED with real pics, quotes, and data and from a real person, not a production facility.

(Apparently, YouTube pulled the Masonic Whistleblower Video video shortly after my webcast was posted. It is posted elsewhere and a listener sent me a search string that will help you find a copy.)

I have also read (well almost done) a book, "Don't Know Much About Mythology"

As synchronicity would have it, the two meshed in my mind for an interesting perspective, at least for me. I will share some of what I got out of the mashup that popped in my head.

You can always have access to everything Feet to the Fire Radio Audio & Video plus Articles and Archives at: Twitter: JAJancik GAB: @F2F (Personal Timeline) eMail: feettothefireradio @ protonmail Dot Com

Ending Song in Full: Oh, Ancient One by James

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