Dr. Brytney Cobia Does Not Exist. Prove Me Wrong.
Jul 21, 2021

I plan to fix the world by cornering the lentil market. No justice, no peas.


In addition to what you see in the video, I also checked for "Kobia" and for any "Brytneys" in Internal Medicine at Grandview Medical Center in Birmingham, spelled ANY way in case she recently got married. No Brytneys. One of the odd things about our "Dr." is the press cannot agree on how her name is spelled. Is she Brytny, Brytney, Brittany, Cobia or Kobia? NONE OF THE ABOVE. I tried them all, no one by any of those names works at Grandview Medical in Birmingham. Yelp type review pages all have a listing for her, NOT ONE REVIEW. Ever. She also does not list her medical school, as all doctors do that in their bio. Well, except make believe doctors. I called Grandview and asked to leave a message for Dr. Brytney Corbia, they sent me to the voice mail of Public Relations. Furthermore, if she existed: Denying a dying patient treatment is heinous, the stupid jab HAS emergency use authorization. It is the ONLY authorization it has. And odder still, if I was dying of Coof, I would demand HCQ or Ivermectin, and so would everyone I know that is refusing the jab. Why would someone beg for prevention when they need a cure? IT IS ALL A LIE. Please help get the word out, I would love to see some big dog take this story and expose this bullshit.

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  • I was curious about Brytney, too. This article pushing the vaccine is a bit over-dramatic, and reminds me of the claim months ago that multiple covid deniers were dying in hospitals and crying out, "I thought it was fake." When other nurses in the area where questioned if they saw the same thing, they all said no, and the nurse I think admitted she made it up. I did find this article from a year ago where Miles and Brytney claimed they spread the virus to other family members. Tools?

  • Well... I thought also that Brytney doesn't exist. But she does exist! She just isn't a doctor. She is a hospitalist and Miles Cobia's wife. But it seems like Miles has deleted an important tweet and is hiding something:

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