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Trump in NYC 9.11.21 , Calls Election RIGGED
Sep 11, 2021


"Think and let think"



Trump in NYC 9.11.21 , Calls Election RIGGED

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  • I was a DT fan, not so sure anymore. He did 7 horrible things in office that I am aware of: 1) Allowed Pence (pedophile) to get rid of General Flynn) 2) Gave Pence his fantasy NASA and “Space Force” additional funding when really it should be shut down-it is only a money laundering organization for the CIA and the Deep State (at $60M per DAY); 3) Signed the Executive Order to give mRNA research special 'immunity' rights (how ironic) for vaccine production w/out looking at any of the evidence of its dangers; 4) Only somewhat fought the C-19 with HCQ, then gave up-Never insisted on looking into Ivermectin which also works against this man-made flu; 5) Didn't get rid of Fauci or Birx and let Pence chair the whole thing and then pushed the very deadly untested mRNA vaccine (Operation Warpspeed) that is now destroying our country and will permanently damage the entire world, especially the Western countries; 6) Made Jerusalem the capital of "Israel" aka Judea; and 7) Has yet to apologize for any of this even though the evidence is overwhelming that the "pandemic" was a "Plandemic" and by his failure to "drain the swamp" had just as many Swamp Lizards from the Black Lagoon" as any other President. Big deal he built some of the wall...fact is, he NEVER FINISHED IT! Biden was able to destroy it in a single day. To Trump I say, ‘You had 4 years to build it…just create an Executive Order…that’s what they are for…to be used to get existing laws administered. You had the authority the whole time you were in office, but pretended that you needed some special permission from THIS Congress to do your (and every President before you)s Job. Look, I know I sure was a big fan because it looked like he was in such opposition to the press, but he failed miserably as a Chief Administrator of the country and I am finding out gradually just how not so good of a President. After all, he was beholden to the tune of $7B to the Judeo-Communist Cartel who said on camera that they would forgive his debt because they will use him some day…and that is exactly what they did. Now could he have just had some bad advisors? Possibly! I would like to think so, but he would need to come out and say that and admit that he is just as clueless as Biden (using Obama 2,0 OS) and that Pence was a bad choice (but that’s who he was supposed to have as his running mate to keep an eye on him). He needs to admit he shouldn’t have played “business man politician” and that this time around he will get it right by surrounding himself with honest, down-to-earth folks…no rich folks, no Freemasons, no Judeo Communists, no people who have an agenda other than restoring righteousness, etc. Make everyone fucking take a lie detector test before signing on. Anyway, that’s not going to happen, so we need a Plan B. Think about it hard. Time is running out and we need answers…good ones that require some difficult decisions. And if you are in the military or police force or have relatives there or in the medical field or whatever, your decisions will be even harder because the cost will be greater. Only obey godly, righteous orders…don’t act like a psychopathic communist soldier who blindly obeys orders, who only cares about himself and his paycheck. The people who love our Constitution and our country are NOT the enemy. So when you are asked to do the ungodly thing, remember….“sheath your sword…sheath…YOUR…sword.”

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