Dec 06, 2021




This is the long-awaited for face-to-face conversation between two giants of understanding the condition of Europeans, Western Civilization & Christianity and their threats. Both men are known for their incisive analyses of the possible roles of Jewish people in history, presumably exercising in-group preferences.

Significant progress was achieved on disputed claims and the question of determinism with respect to behavioral genetics of individuals and groups. The matter of the existence of race as a category of reality is raised again, following upon a Dr. Jones' recent "Great Debate" with Mr. Jared Taylor. Whether language is an adequate as an adequate delineator of ethnicity was probed.

The idea of a 'neuroculture' as a biological reality and as a potential basis and justification for protecting ethnic groups--all ethnic groups--is introduced. This concept comprises understandings of the individual, subject to selective processes, being integrated in his and her world through a sensory-cognitive-motor-environmental loop. The individual is matched, in this regard, to the culture he both expresses and by which he is shaped.

Tantalizing topical "files" were opened for future discussion concerning what Schmitt calls the mind-brain "opportunity." After brushing away any initial suspicions that this is a tangential concern, it can be appreciated that this realm of theoretical philosophy and metaphysics is pivotal. Schmitt was apparently the odd-man out in his view that European thinkers, actors and institutions (such as they may still remain in functional form) must make a high priority of the restoration of European reproduction, effectively re-integrated into social life through courtship, marriage, childrearing and education. MacDonald and Jones are of the view that intellectual conversion is still the highest priority. Schmitt brings up the notion of phronesis: fluid conjoining of theory and practice, thought and action.

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  • Totally out of sync.

  • POOR POOR QUALITY. Who is speaking and when? How can you tell?

  • No way out but through the Jews and tell the all the other races to go jump in the lake. We are working on our own best interests.

  • Incredible. Thank you for putting this on.

  • If you've ever wondered how the Bolshevik revolution succeeded in taking over an Orthodox Christian country with a philosophy intended to destroy the Christian Church and all traditional Russian values, and which succeeded in murdering more Christians than the Nazis are even accused of killing Jews, just look at what is happening in America and the West today. It is the same process at work.

  • «We are winning and the proof is that we are banned and they do not want to refute what we say» This is an extremely weak argument. The pedophiles can say the same

  • People of European ethnicity and Christian religion or heritage (non-Jewish White people) seem to have very little sense of group identity. Jews of course have a very strong sense of identity as Jews, whether religious or secular. Jewish organized efforts majorly, massively take advantage of that lack of a sense of identity among Chrisitan European ethnic people, much to Ethnic European people's disadvantage.

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