An Apology.
May 23, 2021

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  • I can help with the editing , if you like. Gmail: I have been producing videos for over 15 years, and do my own studio work. If can be of any help, please let me know?

    1. Edit the title to "Reaction to Trump's interview...."

    2. Never apologize.

  • Your doing great. keep it up.

  • I had no problem with your comments you made it clear there would be commentary. Keep up the great work.

    1. never apologize
    2. it was good till the boomer in the audio department muted the mic lol wouldn't mind if possible seeing a reupload with overlay of your commentary after it muted.
  • You are doing what is called running commentary. You know who else did running commentary? Rush Limbaugh. He made his living doing what you are doing. I loved it. True you are no Rush but man you should go back and listen to his early stuff. YOU DID NOT SCREW UP! Quit apologizing for being like a Young Rush. You are doing fine. NOW having said all that, you need to make sure you got permission to air this from OANN. Never apologize for being who you are and believing what you believe. This depresses me, because you sound like a whiny LIBERAL. STOP IT!!!!

  • You make salient points. You were right in what you said. See my comments on your original video where you end up muted. Love your work. Nothing to apologize for.

  • You have nothing to apologize for. Except for when you end up muted.

  • I didn't hear all the complaints but I appreciated that you posted the Trump video when it couldn't be found anywhere else. I like your videos your earnestness and your insights.

  • Good on you for the apology video. Tip. Try not to repeat yourself as much. Say I'm sorry, screwed up - especially sound (commentary was bearable lol) amateur still learning, experimenting, bear with me, gabs great, did not intend to spoil the event for anyone, forgive me. done. You've got a great future ahead - get and stay humble. Big story should be you captured and shared the only video available. We all can and should strive to do better in all things.

  • Donโ€™t feel too bad, people can get a little too heated over things. Everyone has an opinion. I just appreciated that fact that I got to watch trumps interview! I didnโ€™t know anything about it until GAB shared your video in their newsletter yesterday (or the day before). Thanks again man ๐Ÿ‘Š

  • @SusanLindauer2024 - FYI if President Trump were to join GAB fully it would crush the limited resources GAB has. Remember he has followers across the world and not inside USA. Im an norwegian and i have strong distate for what our elite is doing to Norway. These swamp creatures here need a steady dose of Trump imho ! Im all in against socialism of any sort (including democratic socialism) and will fight against any more destruction of norwegian traditions, culture and history. Also will stop the crazies that push Critical Race Theory out of existence! I seen my nation become a withered skinsuit of itself used for propaganda for marxist agenda ! We need Trump to start up his own social network and should aid him in any way shape or form we can to push back against this shit silicon valley tech tyrants are shoving down our throat and in every orifice we have. This is the grasroots movements end goal... stop tyranny globally and put the elite into a seat called RESPONSIBILITY and hammer down the law in their faces !

  • All good, you did a good thing getting it out there. It is missing everywhere. It was a good thing.

  • Do not worry man, you did it with good intentions and its not a big thing.

  • I have access to OANN channel and all its content. I watched it when they aired it four times so I was only watching it for the commentary to get your perspective.

  • Great work & America thanks you for joining the fight against censorship of President Trump's interview! Shout out to President Trump--- President Trump MUST o-- absolutely MUST join Gab & launch a unique account where ALL of these interviews can be watched. Who the HELL is stopping President Trump????? I would have loved to see this OANN interview. I can't find it anywhere. Very discouraging. If Trump intends to run the high tech blockade, Trump MUST join Gab AND Rumble.

  • Hey watched video. Honestly man, I enjoyed the commentary. Great work aside from missing audio at one point.

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