Final Segment of Trump Interview
May 22, 2021

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Finally found the final segment of the interview, originally found on Telegram

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  • You know this broad is giving DJT knob-jobs to score access.

  • Please.... This guy is not on our side. He failed us over and over. I want REAL republicans and conservatives, not a guy whose son brags about being the first to include gays, and then posts that our side's trannies are more seductive than their sides trannies. Seriously? You want to sleep with a trannie, you want more aid for Isn'treal, you want more censorship, more empty promises, more focus and help for everyone but white people, more criminal Jews being pardoned, more mysterious prison deaths. If Trump was who he pretends to be, he would have sent Federal Marshals to New York and grabbed Epstein before they could kill him.

    This guy didn't do jack for us, we're WAYYYYYYYYY worse off now. BLM, ANTIFA, GloboHomo, TheGreatReset, The Dark Winter, all coming at us as fast as they can get the jets to stream, and he did NOTHING to stop any of it.

  • Thanks for posting President Trumps interview. Is there a second interview with OANN?

  • Garret , you commentary was silenced . about half way through to first part, had to go to the listed sections to get the whole interview. You cannot find this anywhere on OAN's website. Have they caved to YouTube?

  • Thanks for posting this!!

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