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Garpunk's 5k || 100th Video Special
Dec 12, 2021


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Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart, I love you❤

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  • congrats bro :] trust me I've been trying jogging and i know how hard it can be, midway through the video i was hoping you didn't push yourself past your limit and had heart problems lol. thankfully you were prepared for this, God bless.

  • I am so impressed with your run! Had asthma most of my life, so running isn't a sport I could do well. Now put me in some water and I'll swim circles around you! Thanks for sharing, Garpunk. God Bless!

  • Let's go! I am thinking about starting a video channel myself - you have been an inspiration

  • Love the dog towards the end behind his master who’s probably thinking, “You signed up for the 5k, I never agreed to it. After the race I’m going to find a master that actually cares about me!”

  • Doh! Clicked the wrong tab when jumping over to reply. I'm a dumb ass. My bad. Have a good one homie.

  • well done Garpunk! thank you for raising awareness of gabtv! you did a great run as well!

  • Good job bro! You’ve earned some rest that’s for sure 😂

  • You did Gab and all your followers, fans and friends proud today! Take a lesson from The Almighty and give yourself a day of rest.

  • Awesome job, Garpunk! Keep up your awesome work!

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