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Tucker: Biden will use his speech to push for partisan advantage ahead of the midterms
Sep 01, 2022


˗ ˏ ˋ Instead of processing my trauma, I’ve decided to weaponize it! ˎ ˊ ˗



August 31, 2022

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  • BIDUMB IS A TRAITOR ... Nero would be an improvement !!!

  • Tucker attempts to re-write history, now calling Jan 6th a "trespass". That is NOT what he characterized it as on Jan 6th. He called it an insurrection. He defamed every single Jan 6th protestor. Don't ever forget this.

  • Biden and his feeble minded women vote sucker Kamala are the worst President and Vice president administration in US History. And this is the dumbest generation in US History and the Cabal owned News Media is taking advantage of these facts as they program racism, Russia Collusion, Global Warming Scare, and hate Trump rhetoric into those feeble minded women and men voters of the USA. The above distraction serves the oligarchs well as they now own our bribe seeking politicians. Our founding fathers underestimated the FEP (Financially Elite Psychopaths) and their ability to buy and own all news outlets to serve the bribed Politicians who will drop the voter agenda and take up the FEP agenda, as the these NWO, Cabal, and FEP also threaten politicians with their secret kill squads. Our Senate, House, and SCOTUS have been threatened multiple times, and are living in fear for their own lives and those of their family. So you can be sure that because there is no death penalty for bribing and threatening our US Congress, these politicians are taking the bribes in the form of offshore bank accounts or future seats on a lucrative board or illegal inside trading stockmarket investment information. The bribes come in many different ways to mostly the Democrats and some Rhinos as they steal our votes, then take down our oil, lock down only Patriot Businesses, murder and lock up innocent citizens for simply walking into a Capital Building which they paid for and own.

  • Have you noticed that the DOJ has no problem Charging Russian Nationals, Chinese Nationals, and American citizens, with crimes while the corrupt high level establishment elites in our government walk free. Even for the "COVID-19" atrocities that have killed a reported 1 million innocent American citizens, and the Fentanyl epidemic killing tens of thousands. Who gave the orders allowing it? Americans know there is real fascist tyranny in our country, and it is in the Biden tyrannical regime with their perverted vile version of democracy that have weaponized our government agencies against innocent loyal American citizens.

  • Tucker rocks. Shame Bill o'Reilly is gone. Both of them would be amazing.

  • Biden's ranting brings to mind that of the Fuhrer. Just another wanna-be dictator. A prickly potato.

  • Why would the DEMOCRAT party and it's members show any sense of proportion and restraint , when talking heads like YOU , constantly refer to them as "DEMOCRATIC?" You and the rest of the DEMOCRAT party shills are part of the problem...NOT the solution.

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