Tucker Carlson: The degradation of our people is the real American crisis.
Sep 14, 2021

˗ ˏ ˋ Instead of processing my trauma, I’ve decided to weaponize it! ˎ ˊ ˗


If the powers that be can force you to get a shot, what can't they make you take?

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  • Dictator Joe Biden, the most reviled and hated man in the nation and perhaps the entire world.

  • That was a powerful monologue. I really respect Tucker and the stand he is making for America.

  • Remember, The constitution is the highest law in the land....However, the legal system will mostly be Lawless....We must demand our rights to common law...the law of the land....

  • Biden is the least likely to understand or "get" how Americans feel: Health decisions ought be left up to patients in private consultation with doctors. Hopefully, employers will be willing to challenge the new rules in court; in some cases, they may lose some of their most effective employees placing their companies at a competitive disadvantage. The smart "move" would be for companies to defy the law, and promise workers they'll never snoop into their personal lives.

  • Tucker is spot on target with this video - it should be seen by EVERY patriot!

  • I can't believe anyone listens to Tucker "come back to RINOism" Carlson. A good elephant NEVER forgets a RINO! Faux News is designed to make sure as many people as possible are RINOs or tolerate RINOs. Just remember GW Bush is the king of RINOs! Faux News and Tucker "come back to the middle" Carlson are NOT friends of elephants.

  • I have been saying it 4 more than a year this is all about control. The NWO agenda is real just look at Australia and Canada. Wake up. The vaccine 💉 is not safe or effective.

  • What the people still don't realize this is all brought on by the MONEY CHANGERS who with Governments are exactly who and what is going on and depopulation and while the World doesn't realize their creations like Social Security and Retirements 401 K programs and the money was stolen off as it was coming in and they always intended on killing off the elderly and Depopulate the planet for a few families who think themselves above GOD and are merely SATAN FOOLS and evil but like always love and togetherness wins every-time

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