Dec 02, 2021


˗ ˏ ˋ Instead of processing my trauma, I’ve decided to weaponize it! ˎ ˊ ˗



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  • TY Tucker for telling the truth, against medical tyranny and fighting for our freedom against totalitarianusm

  • Whites can't be trusted to run a country. Imagine my shock!

  • Either we right voters voters start sending actual real constitution abiding statesmen to congress OR we will have to stop the (D)'s ourselves. And we will not, cannot, do that on social media.

  • TYRANNY IS ALREADY HERE!!! The January 6th Commission and their prisoners are PROOF of that!

  • The GOP is also worthless. We need some real men with balls to restore liberty before there is no chance at all

  • NO Africans should be allowed into America. The ones we already have are a millstone around our neck.

  • Both parties are total shit. 1776.

  • BTW, the CDC is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL agency as is EVERY.SINGLE.ALPHA.AGENCY. EVERY SINGLE ALPHA AGENCY MUST BE DISMANTLED IF ANY U.S. CITIZEN HAS ANY HOPE OF LIVING IN FREEDOM. The Republicans are a bunch of venal, scumbags who are so full of shyte and have no back bone and are owned and run by pharma and big banks. Otherwise, they're great people.

  • FRAUDCI needs a rope. The only interest Biden has is to give away our factories, and national resources in order to satisfy his venality. And it appears his venality has no end. BTW, in 1964 a comedy/sci-fi movie was made in Italy by the title of "Omicron". You can find it on Jtube. It's rather interesting; but it is in Italian with Spanish sub-titles.

  • hegelian dialectic

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