May 05, 2022


˗ ˏ ˋ Instead of processing my trauma, I’ve decided to weaponize it! ˎ ˊ ˗



Full ep. May 5th 2022

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  • I've heard it all, Tampons in boys washrooms, what are they going to do, shove them up their assess??

  • thanks for this video. World Fair and a period of automated hyper-production would also allow us to repay the wealth we owe. World Fair is good on so many levels. Stop interviewing people from academia on how to solve debt crisis.

  • 2000 mules = fake president/vice president. crime of the century. 2000 people should be on camera in handcuffs on their way to gitmo. tell that story first tucker. dont distract. talk about john durham/ sussman. hunters laptop from hell ETC......... Why is fox in on the deception. oh the sin of omission.

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  • we do not have the option of voting on whether any of the rights in the constitution should exist. so calling this democracy is a little ridiculous. does democracy mean we can re institute slavery? a principle is not confined to one case, so if this only applies to roe it is legislation.

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  • He is a evil piece of shit even if he is senile.

  • "Too much debt, you have to inflate it away". "That is the only palatable option" WRONG. World Fair and a period of automated hyper-production would also allow us to repay the wealth we owe. World Fair is good on so many levels. Stop interviewing people from academia on how to solve debt crisis. Just pick me and people like the mayor of Miami. Mayor of Miami can help calm people's anxiety over debt while engineers map their solutions to the financial sector. World Fair wealth generating engine.

    (No offense to the macroeconomist giving the inflation solution to solve debt. That would work too but is dangerous and kind of a scam)

  • At minute 38:00 with the macroeconomic interview at the end. INFLATION is NOT a good way to resolve national debt crisis. It would be better just to default, because either way you aren't really paying back the true value. If you devalue the currency to make paying off the fixed number easier, that is similar to defaulting but you also risk crashing the economy in the transition.

    The man says they kicked the debt up the ladder all the way to the "sovereign" and there is really no where else to take it. Wrong! One nation under God. Kick the debt up to God he will fix it. God sent me to actually help. Currency says "In God We Trust" so maybe we should trust in God now, not some dumb sovereign trying devalue our currency. Each year the sun shines and creation follows the laws of nature. God has taught us many of the laws and has shown us how we can be our own creators. God even lifted the yolk from the oxen's neck and we were able to automate manufacturing by conjuring the Earth up in our image to do our will, similar to how God created us in his image to do God's will.

    Instead of defaulting on the debt, or devaluing the currency to try and catch up with the debt, we should have a World Fair. Let everyone who we are indebted to bring their claims. Let everyone who needs reparations bring their claims. We will build an everlasting World Fair that works as a wealth engine for future generations. Engineers will be able to show the people we are indebted to the exact calculations of when their wealth will be returned in full. Not in devalued half measures. World Fair can also solve migration crisis. World Fair can also help us resolve foreign wars and war crimes issue. World Fair. gogogo.

  • lol. This Tucker newscast is going to be historic gold when future generations look back at how crazy our generation was.

  • Like masks & jab's are not about health, same with Roe vs Wade is not about abortion, its all about power, money, division and eventual destruction of the USA.

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